Smarty is a powerful software platform that makes running your business easy. Super easy. Specifically designed for businesses owners, entrepreneurs and freelancers, it automates and simplifies your daily tasks. As a result, you have more free time to grow your business (or go to the pub). Smarty does the job of a PA, accountant, sales manager and web marketing expert - all at a fraction of the cost. What’s more, it will even work on the weekend without complaining. The platform is affordably priced, easy to set up, and it comes with free support and in-house training.

Smarty is a must-have platform for a small business like mine, it helps me automate my sales, invoicing and promotional activities at low cost. I highly recommend Smarty to everyone!

David Smith, London

Web marketing

Design sophisticated web pages, create self-running email campaigns, and monitor your SEO.

Accounting and payments

Issue invoices, auto-track payments, export tax records and much more.

Customer Relationship Management

Manage contacts, analyse customer data, schedule appointments, and more.

Business tools

Track sales, analyse staff performance, and monitor company expenditure - even while you sleep.

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Why use Smarty?

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably too busy to even be reading this website (hopefully we caught you on a tea break). Being too busy bad for business. The number one reason new companies fail is that their owners spend too much time on daily tasks. And that means they don’t spend enough time on steering their ship in the right direction.

Smarty helps you focus on growing your business

Smarty automates some of your work so you spend less time on tedious tasks like chasing payments, building web pages, and tracking sales. That means you can focus on improving your offerings, keeping customers happy, and planning your next move.

Smarty is the most powerful business automation tool available to the small businessperson

Normally, platforms like Smarty cost thousands of pounds monthly to use – making them available only to huge corporations. However, Smarty’s wallet-friendly monthly pricing is affordable for small businesses. And because it does the job of 3-4 separate programmes, it will make your software budget go much further.

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