• HMRC Approved
  • Making Tax Digital Ready
  • GDPR Compliant

Loved by Business Owners

Being responsible for managing finances such as invoices, expenses, cash flow, and inventory can be a lot to handle. Smarty Accounting is like having your own in-house finance team. The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimising the amount of accounting work you do. As well as taking care of your pesky paperwork, Smarty Accounting lets you export detailed financial reports with a few clicks of your mouse.

Loved by Business Owners


Smarty accounting has all the features you need to keep your small business finances


You can generate invoices without any hassle and set up recurring payments ...

Quote & Estimates

You can issue quotes and estimates while you are out and about using your ...


The easy-to-use dashboard is what makes Smarty such a powerful tool, as it ...

Submit VAT Online

You can ensure your quarterly filings end up with HMRC on time and with al ...

Bank Reconciliation

Dealing with banking manually is a time sink for small businesses, but wit ...

Bank Connections

Businesses have to spin several plates at once when it comes to banking, w ...

Receipt Upload

Cloud-based storage comes part and parcel with Smarty’s accounting and b ...

What is MTD and how does it affect your business?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an HMRC initiative in order to make the UK tax system the most digitally advanced administrations in the world thus making it comprehensively easy, more effective and more efficient for taxpayers.

MTD is only going to apply to firms that are VAT-registered and generate annual turnovers of at least £85,000. So for sole traders and other businesses that do not meet this minimum requirement, there is not currently a need to take action.

Start Date

Details of MTD have been published well ahead of the point at which it will be rolled out nationally. This will take place on the 1st of April 2019; the start of the tax year and the dawn of a new age for this essential aspect of operating a business in the UK.

This means that there is still plenty of time for small firms to get their act together and prepare for an all-digital approach to submitting returns. But this window of opportunity is closing fast, so it is best to make changes sooner rather than later to avoid being caught out.

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Run Your Business From Anywhere

The Smarty incorporates several super-clever programmes that help you manage your business efficiently. We want to help busy people reduce their workload, so they can spend less time on everyday tasks, and focus on moving their business forward.

Access anywhere

Access to your data anywhere & anytime with our mobile app.

Save time

Save lots of time and money with all-in-one business software.

Manage contacts

All your suppliers and customers in one system.

Customize your invoices

Send professional invoice that reflect your brand.

Cash flow

View cash flow for your banks.


Intelligent reporting helping you to look after all aspects of your business.

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Get Started in Minutes

Quick To Set Up

The software and app were designed with simplicity in mind. You can start using Smarty Accounting with no-training as the programme is very intuitive. Setting up your account will only take a few minutes. However, if you are not sure how to get started you can speak to one of our consultants. We offer a range of free support such as product demos, consultation and workshops.

  • Easy Set-up
  • Perfect for start-ups & small businesses
  • Supports multi-accounts for multi business owners’ and accountants
  • Create first invoice in under 5 minutes
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Secure & GDPR Compliant

All of our servers are encrypted and protected by professional online security systems. We are also investing in the latest technologies to make sure data and all information are safe with us. Smarty Accounting is powered by Smarty Software, a successful software and app company based in London, United Kingdom.

  • GDPR compliant
  • HMRC approved
  • UK based servers
  • Professional support
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Easy Invoicing

Issuing invoices to clients is essential, but it is also important to make sure that you get paid on time, and that action is taken if a payment deadline is missed. With Smarty you can not only generate invoices without any hassle; you can also set up recurring payments for regular clients, as well as being able to automate the process of following up on any missed payments if necessary.

  • Issue invoices in under 5 minutes
  • Create quotes
  • Follow up payments
  • Set-up recurring invoices
  • Create invoices on the go
  • Monitor unpaid invoices & business cashflow
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Your Business Cashflow

Turning your accounts from raw figures into actionable data is possible thanks to the reporting capabilities that are baked into Smarty.

You can get an overview of sales, chart monthly profits and losses over time and attain insights into how your businesses is performing from month to month. You can also scrutinise your invoicing and bills so that cash flow can be optimised.

  • VAT Submission
  • Profit & loss reports
  • Cashflow
  • Expenses tracking
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Your client relationships are central to the long term success of your business, and with Smarty you can store contact information centrally and also get an overview of your past interactions with an individual or organisation.

  • Access your contacts
  • Monitor your contacts history
  • See all client purchases, outstanding invoices and other interactions
  • Add credit notes
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