Welcome to Smarty – About us

Smarty incorporates several super-clever programmes that help you manage your business efficiently. We want to help busy people reduce their workload, so they can spend less time on everyday tasks, and focus on moving their business forward.

  • Collaborate with your Accountant. Access the software to upload documents and download your payslips from the secure folder.
  • Access anywhere. Access your data anywhere & anytime with our mobile app.
  • Manage contacts. All your suppliers and customers in one system.
  • Customise your invoices. You can use Smarty to create and send professional invoices that reflect your brand.
  • Cash flow and reports. Have instant access to see how your business performs.
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Create Invoices Under 30 seconds

Smarty Software enables you to send professional invoices, automates payment reminders, and accepts cards. Brand your invoices, and easily customise, email or export them as PDF files. Automate your recurring invoices, prompt the payments with polite reminders, and automatically add VAT to invoices.

You can create, personalise, draft or send an invoice on the go. Smarty Accounting is now available on your smartphone. Automatically send emails to your customers and notify them of received payments. Select the desired currency for your international tradings in 120 currencies.

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Store All Your Documents in the Cloud

With Smarty Accounting, you can upload all your expenses, recipes and invoices in the secure folder.

All information can be stored and easily accessed on our cloud-based platform through your smartphone wherever you are.

B&F Tip: To address GDPR concerns, your B&F Services’s accountant will be uploading documents and payslips in the secure folder, ready for you to securely access or download.

With all of your important documents stored in the cloud, worrying about hardware malfunctions, bad office organisation and security breaches become a thing of the past.

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Connect to Your Bank Accounts

Connect to Your Bank Accounts and Get Regular Bank Feeds

Synchronise your bank accounts to Smarty Accounting and get automatic bank feeds. Track easily spent and received money. There is no need to worry about your international customers and overseas trading.

Apply new bank rules and reconcile your bank accounts, review your bank statements and match with your transactions in Smarty.

B&F Tip: Make sure you connect your UK based bank account with Smarty Software so your B&F Accountant can do regular bookkeeping without the need to ask you for bank statements.

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One Click Reports

Client relationships are central to the long-term success of your business. With Smarty Accounting, you can store contact information centrally and generate an overview of past interactions with individuals or organisations.

Our platform makes managing these connections smarter, as you will be able to see which products or services a contact has snapped up in the greatest volume, how punctual they are when it comes to paying invoices, and a range of other relevant metrics. This will allow you to adjust your tactics when dealing with contacts in the future.

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Start Using Smarty Software on the Go

Smarty Accounting mobile app has all the features you need to run your business, just like having an accountant in your pocket! Keep an eye on your business activities while you are in a meeting with a client or while you are far away from the office on holidays.

Monitor contacts, send your customers an estimate and convert it to an invoice with just a click. Manage your expenses and view VAT reports on the go.

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Contact List

Get a Vivid Picture of Your Contact List

With Smarty Accounting you can store contact information centrally and generate an overview of past interactions with individuals or organisations.

View all your contacts in a single place. Keep all of your customers and suppliers in a straight forward list with all the necessary information.

Import your existing contacts to the system or manually add them. Search them by their name, email address, or company name. Export them in CSV or Excel file.

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