Cash Flow Statement

Smarty accounting Cash flow statement shows how minor changes in a balance sheet and income account can affect the cash and cash correspondent. It breaks the analysis down to operating, investing and financing activities. The Cash Flow Statement helps measure how well your business manages its cash position. It also helps complete the balance sheet and income statements and is a mandatory section in a business’s financial report.
Checking the cash flow statement feature on Smarty Software is quick and simple. By using Smarty accounting app, you can access your cash flow statements anywhere anytime. Which is very useful for all business owners who are not in the office all the time.

View financial statement

Monitor the cash flow from the dashboard page

Have a quick glance at how your cash flow is doing from the dashboard. On the home page of Smarty accounting on both the app and the computer version, you can see how the business is growing. Depending on how many bank accounts you have synced with the software, you can select any account you want in the sought time range. This is perfect for all business owners who are repeatedly on the go and want a quick look at how everything is going. It will also show them a breakdown of how much money is coming in and going out for the duration picked.

Download the cash flow statement

Even though most businesses are going paperless, when using Smarty Accounting you are given the option to export the cash flow statements to PDF, CSV and Excel file or to print the statement. This is useful to do when you either have a meeting or just want to have a paper copy of the statements to hand.

Compare cash flow statements

Smarty Accounting lets you compare your cash flow statements to previous years or periods. This is a good way to see if your business is growing and if you are on the right path. It will also help business owners to make better decisions and find out what is the best time to cut down on their expenses in order to follow their budget.

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