Smarty Accounting allows you to manage multi-currency accounting transactions in the way that best suits your business. This makes it easier than ever to do business overseas. With Smarty Accounting’s multi-currency features we’ve made it easier than ever to accept payments, receive bills and send invoices in 120 different currencies. This has huge positive implications for your business.

Do business all over the world

Remove exchange rate guesswork and inaccuracies

There is no need to settle for guesswork or inaccuracies when working with Smarty Accounting. With automatically updating exchange rates you can be sure you are always keeping up with the most up to date information, and so are those receiving payments, bills, and invoices from you.

Track your profit

If you are working with multiple currencies, especially if you’re getting paid in different currencies, changes in exchange rates can have large effects on your cash flow. With exchange rates automatically updating within your Smarty Accounting dashboard, you will always be shown the most up to date exchange rate between the currency you’re working in and your domestic currency.

Assign certain currencies to particular contacts and invoices

Smarty Accounting allows you to assign certain currencies to certain contacts. Never make a currency-based mistake again as every time you make a transaction, create an invoice or write a bill, Smarty Accounting will automatically convert all costs to the pre-determined currency.

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