Online Payments

Smarty Accounting has partnered with PayPal to help you get paid even faster. By integrating an in-app PayPal payment option, Smarty increases the chances that invoices will be paid on time. By giving customers and clients a variety of different payment tools, and integrating a global brand like PayPal, we are increasing the chance that your invoices will be paid promptly. This is great news for freelancers, start-ups and sole traders.

Get paid faster

Connect with a few clicks

It takes just seconds to connect your PayPal account to Smarty Accounting. Simply click through a few steps and enter your log details and Smarty and PayPal are one.

Automatic recording

All payments made through PayPal will be automatically marked as paid in Smarty. They will also be added to your reports, your cash flow will be updated and their contact will be marked with their pay time. All this will be done automatically without making you work through the numbers.

Pay global

PayPal accepts all currencies and all bank accounts meaning you can receive payment from all around the world and still export the payment in your home currency. Barriers to international tradings are now even further reduced by using Smarty Accounting.

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