Recurring Transaction

Set up a recurring bill and charge your customers automatically. It could be ideal to set up a recurring transaction if a customer is repeatedly buying a good or service. The organisations could benefit from recurring transactions as it would make the little tasks quick and simple. Instead of having to always provide credit card information for a routine charge, the cardholder can authorize the software to keep the card details and charge the card each time the product or services is delivered or brought. Salaries and phone/internet bills are some examples that organisations could make as recurring transactions.

Create invoice/bill automatically

Recurring transaction length

Setting up a recurring transaction means you do not have to worry about it being paid on time. Smarty Software lets you pick how often you want this transaction to recur, you can set an end date for a certain product or keep it going forever. Also, another option you are provided with is to see how often you need to pay this transaction, not all bills are meant to be paid weekly or monthly. Therefore, by doing this you do not need to worry about it when the time comes to pay, and it also helps to save a lot of time, so that business owners can spend more time on other aspects of their business.

Can also set up a recurring invoice

Automate the issuing of recurring invoices and be sure you’re getting paid on time in minimum hassle. It will ensure the invoice is sent to the clients on the date you set and the items they have brought. However, this only works if the items and the prices remain the same each month. Smarty Accounting will not let you set up a recurring invoice if the items and prices are not the same each time.

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