Integration with Accounting

Zapier is an automation tool that makes it simple to integrate various apps. It can easily link different apps and automatically move data between them. By automating repetitive tasks without using any code, it allows you to focus on more important tasks. Large companies like Spotify, Buzzfeed, and others use it.

Zapier + Smarty Accounting

Through Zapier+Smarty Accounting integration, you can automatically create invoices, bills, contacts, and connect and move data from thousands of popular apps such as CRMs, payment platforms, and E-commerce shops, in this way you’ll be able to automate your tasks with workflows called as “Zaps” and have more time for the more important stuff.

Pipedrive is an award-winning CRM built by salespeople for salespeople. It is made and designed by people who understand how important it is to organize interactions and deal-related activities to grow your business and revenue. Companies such as Amazon, Festo, Vimeo, and others rely on Pipedrive’s services.

Pipedrive + Smarty Accounting

The Pipedrive+Smarty Accounting integration makes it possible to have direct access to Pipedrive’s Contacts and products in Smarty Accounting. And Pipedrive’s finances such as invoices, expenses, cash flow, and inventory can be managed through Smarty Accounting. The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimising the amount of accounting work you do. As well as taking care of your pesky paperwork, with only a few clicks of the mouse.

With HubSpot's CRM platform, you can manage marketing, sales, content, and customer service all from one place. Although the features in the platform are powerful individually, the real magic happens when they're combined.

HubSpot + Smarty Accounting

Smarty Accounting is integrated with HubSpot to offer direct access to HubSpot's Contacts and products. Smarty Accounting can manage HubSpot's finances, including invoices, expenses, cash flow, and inventory. Your bank account can be monitored and overdue payments can be reminded to the system, reducing the amount of work you have to do for accounting. Also, your paperwork can be handled by the system. A few mouse clicks are all it takes.

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