Why Smarty?

Smarty works for businesses of all sizes – whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in the game for a little while.

Last year we made the prestigious list of the top 10 cheapest accounting software. Switch to Smarty, import your files and set up your account in less than 10 minutes !

Submit VAT Online in Less than a Minute

Smarty has the capability of connecting with your company’s bank accounts, share the information easily with your accountant so that they’re kept in the loop as well as submit your VAT returns within the software automatically. Smarty will generate the reports and send them straight to HMRC, really cutting down on the potential for errors in your filings.

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How to import items in Smarty Accounting:

Import Invoices, bills, statements, contacts, items, everything and anything! You are three clicks away from using a user-friendly software like Smarty.

Add up the information of your business partners or your customers manually or import them as a CSV file onto the system. Look how you can import your files in Smarty:

  • Download the sample CSV file and add information.
  • Upload the file.
  • Click Import.
  • Job is done!

With Smarty Accounting software you can take care of all aspects that your healthy growing business requires, easier than ever.

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Awesome Features

Let’s call the play; You might be wondering what exact features you are taking your precious time on, so let’s take a tour:

Submit VAT Online

Managing VAT with Smarty is fast and easy. Smarty is a certified bridging software by HMRC ...

Get Paid Faster

Automatic payment prompts increase the speed you get paid; without lifting a finger ...

Cash Flow Statement

Our powerfully designed main and inventory dashboards stand to say a lot about your business ...


Thanks to smarty accounting, you are now able to send an estimate to your customers ...

Invite User

Push the notification button on to notify anybody else working in your team ...


Multi-currency pricing (MCP) is a financial service which allows businesse ...

Online Payments

Smarty Accounting has partnered with PayPal to help you get paid even faster ...

Bank Connections

Businesses have to spin several plates at once when it comes to banking ...


If all the mentioned features do not meet with your satisfaction just give it a shot. Try Smarty for 14 days payless, book a free demo with our expert agents to get a wider perspective of what technologies Smarty offers.

Start automating your business. Be Smarty.

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Pricing FOR Small Business

Smarty is paid for by a monthly subscription – there are no contracts to sign, but the minimum period of use is one months.