Creating the Smarty Movie Story

Creating the Smarty Movie Story

Aug,2018 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Smarty Software blends comprehensive accounting capabilities, including invoicing and data reporting, with CRM and many other impactful elements. Since launching in 2016, we’ve helped hundreds of start-ups get on top of their admin and fuelled the growth of start-ups in several sectors.
Our team is passionate in helping businesses grow, that’s why we came up with a short Lego stories to inspire non-techy entrepreneurs on how to adapt technology in the day to day life. Join us in this exciting mini-movie series to explore all things Smarty as presented by our Lego actors… Every week we will bring you new dilemmas Tim is facing in running a small business, we hope you will enjoy it!

Tim is going on holidays

Wondering how Tim enjoys a stress and work free holiday? Well he uses Smarty Software an automated software. It takes over the more boring daily tasks you have to face when being an entrepreneur and giving you more time in the day to do other jobs.    

It was not always like this for Tim, he only just found out about Smarty Software when he was on holiday. He was on the beach with his friends when he realised he had not finished part of a report. As he started getting even more worried about it, his friends tried to explain to him there was nothing he could do until he was back in the UK, which made him worry even more.

Someone on the beach had overheard Tim’s conversation with his friends and decide to tell him about Smarty Software. He explained that it is an automated software, that help him do certain tasks faster and easier and more importantly he can use it wherever he is via his phone or laptop. Tim of course liked the idea of that and ask him for more information. After talking to the person on the beach, Tim did his own research about Smarty Software and saw that it has a lot of good features to it, so he decided to sign up to it.

He can now enjoy his holiday with his friends and not have to worry about work. Why not try it?

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