How to Get Your First 10 Clients - A Guide For Start-Ups

How to Get Your First 10 Clients - A Guide For Start-Ups

Oct,2018 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Setting up your own business can be challenging and scary, but that is not the most worrying or difficult part – when it comes to actually getting your first client, that is when things can be a bit tricky. It is easy for many new entrepreneurs to think that if they have a good business idea, product, or service, then all potential customers would somehow, magically pop up out of thin air, but you should know that there is so much more to it than that! It is important to make sure that you have everything set-up and laid out for your business first, from having your business plan and setting up your location to doing your market research.

There will always be many opportunities to start your business over, but if you can get it right from the get-go, why not try? In this guide, we will be offering advice, tips, and tricks on what you can do to ensure your business is set up and running smoothly, in order for you to start getting potential clients knocking at your door!

1. Find who you are as a small business entrepreneur

First things first, it is important for you as a small business entrepreneur to evaluate who you are as a business person, i.e. what are your skills? Think about what you are and aren’t good at, why are potential clients going to be attracted to you, what do you have to offer, and what makes you stand out from your competitors? You want to have the ability to make your business provide clientele with something they have not seen before and is really going to draw them in.

2. Financial stability

A lot of new businesses have the potential to go far and many do, but in some scenarios, this may not always be the case, due to the fact that they may not have enough resources to last them long enough. It is not always ‘all work and no play’ though, you are solely in charge of your own business now, meaning that you can work part-time, devoting it to developing your business brand and play around with things, find out what suits the ability and aims of your brand best, but make sure that you have the funds to go for extended periods of time with no customers or further income, whilst you make your brand or name more established.

3. Start talking!

No one is going to know of your businesses if you do not put it out there! Get promoting it on different platforms, such as the business website and social media accounts. Make the public and your target client audience aware of what it is you are doing and how your business, products, or services can make a difference! The more you post, the more noticeable you will become, thus bringing in engagement from people looking to buy.
4. Start networking and getting a base of referrals

Networking and using past business relations is a fantastic way to start forming new customer bonds and getting them to know you and your new business venture! Make sure you target the right audience when networking, you want to be sure that your product or service, is going to fit the needs of your ideal spectators. Another way of getting your business known and finding your right target audience is to arrange a ‘team-up’, this is where you team your business up with another that has a similar target audience as your brand. As a result, they will use their database to promote your business, in theory killing two birds with one stone. Another avenue, which can be explored is ‘strategic alliances,’ this is usually a one-time or short-term alliance with another business, where both parties involved use their resources to help promote one another, whilst targeting the same type of audience. A ‘strategic alliance’ may involve offering promotional offers for the other business when a product or service is bought.  

5. Advertising

Advertising your products and or services will be vital in generating promising leads for the money you will spend in order to help your business grow. As mentioned previously, in point 3 using platforms like social media is a great way to advertise your business and will help you accurately target the right audience, depending on which platform you decide to go with, whether it is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram. Organising contests is an excellent way to offer potential clients incentives and promotions, as well as, offering family and friend discounts when a product or service is purchased. You are guaranteed to continue growing your client base.

6. Write blogs

Write blogs on something you are passionate about that can be incorporated into the industry sector you are in. Sharing this across social media will get people engaged and educated in learning and understanding more about a specific subject. This is a great way to offer tips and advice on products and services for your target audience.

7. Find the right CRM and email marketing strategy

Smarty Software offers a highly strategic and efficient automation service in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), which allows you to establish and maintain a good working relationship with all your customers. As with any relationship, the first step is gaining more basic knowledge of your clients, such as their interests and what types of products or services they may be interested in. In knowing this, you can then effectively target their said interests in email marketing and communications you send out, providing you with the ability to successfully engage with them and build a rapport. Email marketing can be effective in many ways, Smarty has designed a service that provides you with an easy form of communication with potential clients, allowing you to set up campaigns that can be sent out, along with updates as little, or as much as you wish! Being able to reach your customers through email is a more direct route, especially now, as everyone has access to an email account on every device, meaning they will always be notified and in touch with you, wherever they may be!
8. Be consistent

Consistency is important when starting-up and searching for your ideal clientele. You need to create a brand style that pops out and really grabs the viewers’ attention, choose a style that will represent you and your brand, but also makes you recognisable to your target audience. Be consistent on media platforms and make yourself a big deal to followers. When people see authority, it instils a belief in them that you can command authority – this is attractive to potential clients.

9. Get feedback

It is key to get feedback on your business, whether it is from friends, family, or even your potential clients. You need to know what is or is not working for your business and what better way than seeking out the truth and looking for patterns? Ask questions and listen to what is being said, this will then give you an idea of what may need changing and could do differently to boost getting clients.

10. Sharing is caring

As soon as you have worked out your ideal client base, be sure to share it with everyone you know. Put yourself, your business and your aims and beliefs out there and be sure to make it known to your ideal clients what it is you can do for them specifically, how will your business change and impact them for the better.
Once you get into the flow of everything and start creating the start of your client base, it will get easier and flow from there. If you have the capability to go solo, starting your own business, then you can do anything! With Smarty Software, we can help get you in the direction of increasing your sales through our various automation services, making the management of all business aspects easier, allowing you to have more time to focus on your clients, grow your business and shrink the workload.

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