Getting Started with Smarty CRM

Getting Started with Smarty CRM

Mar,2019 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Customer relationship management (CRM) is the combination of activities, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage customer interactions (sales, marketing and service-related interactions) and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The aim is to improve customer service relationships, assist in customer retention and boost sales growth.

Author: Reza Bakhtiary, Smarty Software

Both business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies often use CRM systems to track and manage sales opportunities and their communications through the Website, direct email, telephone, mobile apps, live chat, social media and marketing materials. CRM systems can also give customer-facing staff detailed information on customers' personal information, purchase history, buying preferences and concerns.

CRM software is a vital component that business owners need in order to be successful in their business and Smarty CRM solution is built to help you achieve this goal with clockwork precision.

Smarty CRM

Smarty CRM is a cloud-based customer management system, which will help you automate your business process, keeps track of your sales opportunities progress, plans your team activities, generates new leads, organises your sales team and provides you with detailed insights on your sales performance. It allows you to simply move your sales opportunities through pipeline stages, document all communications and plans your next move at the right time. Smarty CRM ensures that you don’t lose track of all the tasks which are required to build and maintain a relationship with your customers and make the sales.

Smarty CRM key aspects

Sales opportunities

This is where you can manage all the sales opportunities, which are in progress and you can simply move them through the different stages in your sales pipeline. Smarty’s pipeline view allows you to visually check which sales opportunities are in the sales process, pursue the associated activities and mark the value of each sales opportunity.


Mail tab is actually Smarty’s CRM dedicated e-mail panel which is similar to other email clients but with additional unique features. For example, it allows you to see when a recipient opened any email sent from within Smarty. The software will use each contact's email to automatically link every send/received emails to the contacts’ sales opportunities. In addition, when you send an email to contact (person/company) from other email panels you can BCC an email specific to that contact and the message will be listed in Smarty email panel and also will be attached to your contact’s history within the CRM.


In this section, you can find scheduled activities associated with each sales opportunities such as Call, Task, Meeting, Email and Lunch. Smarty CRM lets you set all kinds of activities for your clients with direct integration with your google calendar. You can create follow-up tasks for sale opportunities and assign them to your colleagues. With Smarty, you are able to link each activity to the associated contact or sales opportunity, invite linked people on each activity and the invitation emails will be sent automatically.


In this tab, you can manage persons and companies, which you do business with. You can add basic information such as full name, email and phone numbers or any desire information by adding custom fields in CRM. In addition, you can import/export your contact data from excel file into Smarty CRM.


Statistics tab breaks down into two sections:
  • Dashboard:
In the dashboard tab, you can view brief stats on sales opportunities and activities status and your pipelines progress over your desired period.
  • Report
Here you can have statistics on activities effort, pipeline performance and sales performance in various graphical charts and tables and get polished insights into the chart formats of your choice. Create reports to identify sale opportunities and activities over weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly periods. In addition, you can pull up reports based on emails sent, calls made, appointments scheduled, and tasks completed.

Smarty CRM solution VS business challenges

Business Process

From generating a lead to making a sale, every company has a way to run its business that is called business process. Every business process contains three main phases: Marketing, Sales and Support. Each of these phases has its own processes and each process breaks down to several stages.

Your marketing department generates leads and your sales team transform prospects to payable customers during a sales process. Once you have customers in the place, you should provide some services or support around them. Your company also has a process for making it work together and measure the effectiveness of this process.

But how can CRM implementation help your customer relationship life cycle?


Smarty CRM software classifies all of your contact information in one single place and allows specific users to access and update them in real time. Each contact will have a history of interactions made by your colleagues such as calls, emails and notes. Therefore, you will always get the latest information on your contacts and never lose track of your leads.
It can also assist you with human resource management and lead distribution. With Smarty, you have a clear vision both on your leads and your employees' tasks, therefore you can place the most eligible employee at the required time on a specific task.

Smarty CRM also allows you to capture information about people who visit your website or come in through other promotional activities like marketing campaigns using custom designed web forms in one specific dashboard.


While marketing is all about finding prospects and generating leads, it is the sales team that transforms a prospect to an actual payable customer during a systemised procedure, which is called the sales process. Each sales process runs through a series of stages called the sales pipeline.
With Smarty CRM solution, whenever you get a lead, you will come up with a pipeline about how to deal with it. It starts from basic stages like approaching to more advanced stages such as handling objections and negotiating.
Smarty CRM implementation gives you the tools to keep an eye on your sales process and measure its efficiency so you can improve and update it regularly according to market changes, making sure it reflects the current state of the market, your customers’ changing needs, your team skills, and your business sales strategies. It lets you automate your business process, keeps track of your sales opportunities progress, plans your team activities, organises your sales team and provides you with detailed insights on your sales performance.
CRM also allows you to simply move your sales opportunities through pipeline stages, document all communication between sales reps & customers and plan your next move at the right time.
This effectively helps to follow up on the prospective leads, influence them and in the end, close them for a sale.


Business is not all about generating leads and making sales. Dealing with the existing customers and maintaining a profitable relationship with them is the last but the most crucial phase of the customer life cycle.

Smarty CRM enables you to manage post-sales support. By using Smarty a sales rep can more easily share information with the different departments such as customer service which result in a much faster business cycle. Having all contact information available can also help CS agents with onboarding strategies.

With CRM, you can simply create your onboarding activities such as calls, emails and training for your customers and makes sure that you don’t lose track of all the tasks which are required to build and maintain a relationship with your customers, make the sales and provide continued profits.

It helps to create and develop a huge customer base and improve customer satisfaction. In all cases, the most efficient kind of sales is retaining existing customers and sale to them again.
So CRM allows you to muster and oversee all the of sales opportunities’ valuable information in one accessible spot. Therefore not only are each of your departments working more efficiently but your departments working efficiently together with one unified view of the customer.
But how can you measure the effectiveness of this process and make it better? Are your departments communicating well with each other? Are members of each department collaborating efficiently and correctly? Does it take too long to close a sales deal?

Reports & Analytics

As a business owner, it can be very frustrating to find out which of your employees are performing well. With CRM, you can get full insight into your teams’ KPI and departments’ productivity.

CRM also allows business owners to have metrics on how their business is performing. They can obtain statistics on sales revenue, sales opportunities progress, sales activities, pipeline progress and sales lead in various graphical formats such as charts and tables in order to observe market trends, business performance and sales forecast. They can also use these analytics to measure and enhance the effectiveness of their current marketing, sales and support efforts and to optimise their various business processes.

In addition lack of visibility across the departments or in the managerial hierarchy of any department will lead to incoordination and possible opportunity lost. Reporting across the companies will help you with prioritising your activities and task distribution.

How to Start

After signing up in Smarty CRM without any charge, a basic sales process with this CRM could be as follows:
  1. Create your first contacts by clicking on the contact tab and selecting either person or company.
  1. Then you can create your first sales opportunity by clicking on the green button and insert your sales details.
  1. You can assign an activity that can be for example call customer and schedule a meeting.
  1. Call with a click and choose whether to record the conversation. A log is automatically saved on your contact’s timeline.
  1. After calling your lead and scheduling a meeting, you can move your sales opportunity to the next pipeline stages simply just with a drag and drop.
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