Reza Top 10 Tips of Using CRM Solution

Reza Top 10 Tips of Using CRM Solution

May,2019 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

A great number of people mistakenly think that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is just about using a tool to create the equivalent of a 21st Century Rolodex and some other think that their business is not big enough to use a CRM software.

Of course, they are both wrong. In reality, it is so much more than that. CRM is a comprehensive approach to interacting with prospects and customers; one that allows you to plan your sales process, track deals and provide highly personalised services throughout the customer journey. It also helps you with finding the most promising leads for your business and developing a huge customer base, which is two must-have essentials of any successful company.

My name is Reza and I am the senior customer experience manager within Smarty Software. I am working with small businesses like yours to help them achieve their ultimate business goals resulting in increased revenue and productivity.
So if you don't yet have a structured CRM approach for your business, or you have one in place but aren't take advantage of it to its full potential, here are my top 10 tips of using the power of CRM software to grow and prosper your business. 

Author: Reza Bakhtiary, Smarty Software

1.Visualise Your Sales Process

No matter what line of business you are in, keeping close tabs on your sales pipeline is critical. You want to be sure you are winning prospects over with actions and offers that build trust, and that you do not let anyone who is interested in your business slip through the process.

CRM can help you to keep track of prospects, enhance your sales approach, and close more deals. With a CRM, you can follow your lead’s journey through the sales funnel, from generating to beyond the point of conversion. You can customise this funnel tailored to your business sales cycle, visualize sales pipeline, and plan your next move based on sales opportunity’s stage.

To save time and human resource, you can also prioritise your deals by the means of sales opportunity value or segment the data by customer type so you know which customers matter most to your business. Studies show that using CRM software could improve sales conversion rate up to 300% and revenue by 41% per each individual sales representative.

2.Automate Your Everyday Tasks

Running a business is not just all about running to meetings and presenting. Alongside the business main tasks, there are hundreds of repetitive smaller tasks that must be completed every day in order for everything running smoothly and functioning properly. For instance, there are leads to be generated and qualified, reports to be prepared, onboarding process to be conducted and etc. These boring repeated tasks will often eat away at you or your sales reps’ workday, take away your focus from vital aspects of the sales process and eventually cause your business loss.

CRM solutions are designed to take the burden of many of these tasks from off the shoulders of you and your employees, thanks to the magic of workflow automation. They save you on both time and costs by using programmable algorithms and AI to do your repetitive everyday tasks, therefore, your sales representatives will be able to focus more on closing deals and enhancing customer experience, while the CRM takes care of the details. That is why 75% of sales managers say that using CRM helps to drive and increase sales.

3.Empower Your Marketing Efforts

One of the critical elements that drive the business momentum is lead generation and with inbound and outbound marketing competing for your time and attention, it can sometimes be difficult to figure out how to generate the strongest leads for your business. No matter how your agency or business gets leads, you should track them and successfully convert them into sales-qualified leads during a process that is called lead nurturing, which according to the recent studies 75% of companies do not poses.

With the use of web forms compatibility and highly engaging landing pages, CRM Solutions not only do this process for you but also can take it to the next level. CRM can help you to identify, find, and engage with the most promising leads. It captures leads from your inbound marketing contents, collects all the data you need (such as email, telephone, location, industry, etc.) from each lead and ultimately it automatically stream them into your sales pipeline for further nurturing. Statistics proved that CRM software can also decrease your marketing costs by up to 23%.

4.Enhance Your Customer Service

Outstanding customer experience is a factor that allows your business to stand out from your competitors. Your customers want to feel recognized and cared for by your company. However, with the countless ways for customers to interact with your business, it can be tough to keep track of all the touch points. CRMs allow you to monitor all of your customers and ensure that they are receiving seamless services.

With CRM, as soon as a customer contacts your company, your representatives will be able to retrieve all available data including contact details, past interactions, latest purchases, preferences, and anything else that might assist them in finding a solution. Therefore, in many cases, your representatives will be able to quickly locate a solution. Even redirecting the customer to another department is a simple matter since they all can access the contacts latest updated information. It’s interesting to know surveys indicate that 70% of customers who have a positive experience will refer that company to family and friends.

5.Build High-Value Customer Relationships

As you are aware, business is not only about generating leads and making sales. Dealing with the existing customers and maintaining a profitable relationship with them is the last but the most crucial phase of the customer life cycle.

As studies prove that, the average cost spent on gaining new customers is 10 times more than to retain the existing ones. Therefore, the most efficient type of sales is when you retain existing customers and sell to them again.
CRM allows you to create your onboarding activities such as calls, emails and training for your customers to maintain a relationship with them, make the sales and provide continued profits.

6.Increase your team’s collaboration

CRM store all communication such as emails, calendar and phone call details in one easily accessible place. Therefore Sales, marketing, and customer service departments can share valuable information about clients and work simultaneously together to get the desired result of closing a sale, knowledge of new products, or excellent customer service. Of course, since protecting company information is one of the main principles of any business. You do not want anyone within your company access all of your sales data and customer information. Using CRM software, you categories your contact information and define access permission for each one of your employees and limit certain people to access certain deals.

7.Gain Analytical Insights and Reporting

As a business owner, it can be very frustrating to find out which of your employees are performing well. CRM systems store information in one place, which allows business owners to have metrics on how their business is performing and have the ability to generate automatic reports to maximize your time. They can obtain statistics on sales revenue, sales opportunities progress, sales activities, pipeline progress, sales lead and your teams’ KPI in various graphical formats such as charts and tables in order to observe market trends, business performance and sales forecast. You can also use these analytics to measure, enhance the effectiveness of their current marketing, sales and support efforts, and optimise their various business processes.

8.Run Your Business Regardless of Time & Place

We live in an online digital world and our smart gadgets have become our tools for staying engaged with it. As a business owner or manager, you need to access your business details and gain insight into your sales team performance with just a glance beyond the time and place.

Thanks to cloud technology, you are not limited to the office desk anymore. Nowadays Cloud-based CRMs are accessible from any platform as long as you have an internet connection. Therefore, you can immediately take action for unexpected issues from your smartphone, laptop or tablet and you can keep working no matter where you are. A CRM iOS/Android app can help you with reminding your tasks and immediate overview of your business reports and sales team performance on your desired period.

9.Enhance your Business Communication

As mentioned above, CRM makes it possible for any employee to provide a high level of service, by having access to the latest customer data. In order to have an organised database, you need to move beyond the sticky-notes and unorganised filing cabinets, and start utilising advanced organisational technology that can not only accurately quantify and categorise data for easy future reference but also make that data available across departments. Also instead of using multiple software for managing contacts, emails and calls, you need to use one software for all purposes.

Thanks to CRM, this all becomes a possibility, it allows you to store a ton of customers and any important information regarding them such as notes and files. Access to their file is even simpler than before with the use of cloud technology, no matter who it is that is helping the customer in question or they at, they will have the same actionable data instantly available with just a simple search. This process will result in less wasted time for clients and more employees’ productivity.

Some CRMs cloud also provides you with a dedicated email and call panel so you can make all of your business communication through the software, therefore, all of your company’s customer interactions will be automatically identified, documented, recorded and linked to each specific client.

10.Boost Your Business Project Management

It’s not just the stages of a sales process that matter the tasks and activities taken within those stages count just as much. It’s critical for any company to put a precise and winning sales process in place. But a sales rep must conduct various tasks and activities to bring a prospect through the sales pipeline from one stage to the next one. In addition, when your tasks are organised, prioritised, and delivered to you in a way that you can understand, it’s also a lot easier to stay focused and close sales opportunities.

The best way to assure that best practices are being followed for tasks and activities within a sales stage is to actually make those tasks and activities part of a sales stage within CRM. CRM’s task management tools ensure that opportunities don’t slip through the cracks. It contains daily to-do list, automatic reminders, calendar sync, and sales process features, so you always can plan your next moved ahead at every step.

Now that you learned 10 tips to run your business, you can start using a CRM software that has all the above-mentioned capabilities. No matter what is the essence of the business you are running, you can always find the perfect CRM software for your business needs. Smarty CRM can set the ball rolling for you without even breaking a sweat. Besides, you are given free support as long as you are subscribed to the software.

So what are you waiting for? Our sales team can help simplify your operations and get set up with the right solution to meet your business needs. Let us help you grow your business.


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