Mobile CRM: definition, importance & strategic advantages

Mobile CRM: definition, importance & strategic advantages

Jul,2019 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

As mobile usage is rapidly growing and companies around the globe continue to adapt their customer relationship strategies to new technologies and market trends, both mobile devices and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions have merged to introduce a new concept called ‘Mobile CRM’.

Nowadays knowing how to benefit from a mobile CRM to its full potential is a vital part of any successful business automation strategy. My name is Reza Bakhtiary and I’m the head of CRM customer experience within Smarty Software. In this article, I will explain “why embedding a mobile CRM strategy into your business is so important today”.

Author: Reza Bakhtiary, Smarty Software

What is a Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM or Mobile Customer Relationship Management, is a CRM tool designed to deliver a unique customer interaction management experience on mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. A key benefit of embedding mobile CRM into your company is that it enables all your departments including marketing, sales and customer service to access, edit and interact with latest updated customer data on the go in real-time.

Mobile CRM is designed for anyone who often requires remote access to the company’s CRM account. This would include business owners who want to track their deals progress and teams KPI, CS agents who need to set up the onboarding process and sales reps who want to keep track of their activities and appointments.

Mobile CRM can be accessed through a mobile CRM app or through a web-based browser with cloud CRM. With mobile CRM app, mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones can deliver same features and services as a classic web-hosted CRM to fulfil the users’ need for a desktop computer but with added benefits of mobile functionalities such as GPS (Global Positioning System) and camera. 

Mobile usage growth

The impact mobile is having on people’s personal and professional life is drastic. The majority of mobile time is spent on apps while users prefer using highly functioning apps rather than relying on mobile browsers. In 2009, the mass migration of internet users from desktop to mobile devices has begun; meaning people now expect real-time information to be available from anywhere. The statistics provided by Statista show enormous share growth in the past decade. In fact, the share of global internet traffic coming from mobile devices grew from 0.7% in 2009 to 52.2% in 2018 and looks like it is going to continue to grow in the coming years. traffic stats.png

Mobile has also affected the workplace, with customers and employees beginning to change how they expect to access information and services. Even jobs that just five years ago would require an employee’s presence in the office are made more productive when they are given the option to access their work remotely. iPass research has shown that “companies gain an extra 240 hours of work per year from employees due to mobile working” for work-related purposes. Another survey done by Digital Strategy Consulting indicates that “60% of employees use apps for work-related activity”.

Mobile CRM implementation Benefits

 As mobile adoption continues to grow, CRM solutions need to keep up with new market trends and adapt to the users’ needs. As traditional desktop applications such as CRM are moving into the mobile space. Nowadays having a mobile strategy is no longer optional and is quickly becoming a necessity.

A mobile CRM allows users to access important business data beyond time and place and gives them the ability to run their business on the go. Because of today, office employees don’t necessarily work from their desks. They can use an internet connection to access whatever data they need on the go or even from home. 71% of employees spend over two hours a week accessing company information on mobile according to Fierce Mobile IT report. This is because mobile smart devices allow users the freedom to work from wherever suits them best.

This would include business owners and sales managers as well. Business owners consistently travelling to make business agreements but, in the meantime, need to keep track of their business performance and sales reps are always on the move to meet with the prospects and need to have access to latest scheduled activities and prospects details. This means every sales rep has the complete CRM database at their fingertips on any device, therefore they can move forward with their prospects with confidence. Even if people aren’t working in the same building or in the same country, irrespective of compatibility issues related to platforms, departments across entire company get to access the same data; resulting in a more collaborative work environment. Mobile CRM apps also offer a significant opportunity to increase sales, productivity, efficiency and possibility to cut extra costs.

Beyond the obvious benefits of using mobile CRM for your business and employees, customers also benefit from having mobile CRM availability for your company. A mobile CRM app can help you ensure that your customers are getting the best services possible at all times. Your CS agents can access to latest updated customer information, meaning your CS department is fully equipped to assist customers with their issues or instantly provide any reliable information they might need. crm benefits.png

Mobile CRM implementation strategic advantages advanteges.png

1.Increase in Sales Value

The CRM tool helps sales reps to keep track of all useful information associated with any particular customer. Simultaneously, the solution provides access to customer interaction timeline, source information, price lists and available promotions that can be accessed by anyone who has permission, from anywhere in the world. Since sales reps have all of the required information at their fingertips, they are no longer wasting time looking for contact information or trying to recall what was the last conversation with their prospect, instead, they will instantly build their case, refine their customer approach and sell what they are offering.

2.Increase in Productivity

There are many time-saving and cost-effective features for mobile CRM. Calendar and contact applications integration into the CRM can be an enormous time-saver. CRM mobile apps can be used to schedule appointments, enter data, review notes, follow-ups and more. Also, with mobile CRM, all departments have immediate access to critical information when they need it beyond time and place. Mobile CRM allows them to stay connected, access contact details and view customer interaction timeline. Therefore, your team will have time, tools and necessary focus to put in to work on the things that matter the most.

Also, management of customer relationships is quicker and more proactive since there’s no need to wait until you’re back at the office. You can access and update key information on a customer while on the go, as soon as it happens, and gain insight on appropriate action to take.

3.Shorten the Sales Process

One of the main advantages of implementing mobile CRM is accelerating the sales process and decreasing customers decision-making process by planning follow-up activities and providing needed information.  By having this information available, your sales team can close sales opportunities with fewer interactions ultimately letting them being prospecting and working on new opportunities faster.

Knowing more information about prospects will make them feel more valued. Using mobile CRM, sales teams have access to any information about a prospect or customer before they meet in person. This could include recent email conversations, recently purchased products and current sales status. Therefore your sales reps get to become more personal than ever before and they can gain prospects trust lot smoother and build business relationships upon that trust.

4.Improve Insights and Data Analysis

Mobile CRM delivers meaningful data that directly applies to each employee’s role no matter where they are based. Senior managers can access real-time sales reports to track business performance on the go and set notifications to be informed instantly for quicker and better decision making when a new sales opportunity is won or lost. Instead of quarterly reports, management now has access to real-time updated data at their fingertips. They will able to filter and review statistics on sales revenue, sales opportunities progress, sales activities, pipeline progress, sales lead and teams’ KPI in various graphical formats such as charts and tables in order to observe market trends, business implementations and sales forecast.

5.Improve Customer Satisfaction

As you well know, closing a sales opportunity is not the finish line rather it is the beginning of a new chapter. The main business goal is to acquire lifetime customers that are consistently impressed by the level of customer service, value and commitment your company offers them.

Mobile CRM can have a massive impact on your customer service teams. With greater mobility in handling and responding to customer concerns and questions, CS agents can respond to customer emails and schedule calls with prospects while on the go which will result in improved customer service.

With a mobile CRM platform, you’ll have access to the tools you need to handle the urgent query and respond as needed if it’s convenient for you. No more lost customer service and support cases when you’ve got access whenever wherever.

6.Improve Data Collection

Mobile CRM makes it precise and faster to collect valuable information. Most of the times the notes we take in a meeting don’t make it into our desktop CRM and there is a big chance that the sales rep forgets part of the data, imports the data incorrectly or may not enter it at all. Having a CRM on mobile allows for real-time data entry and you're able to avoid double entry as well as missed information. All business data and documents can be handled electronically from your mobile device or tablet to save time and increase accuracy. Sales reps can use the CRM in the field to update contacts, add notes, create activities or quotes and managers will always have access to the latest customer data, thus increasing the return on the CRM investment.
The new way to get ahead in business is not by working harder, but by make use of new technologies to work smarter. Using a mobile CRM is just one more way for you to step up in business automation competition and stay on top of your business field. Nowadays, having a mobile CRM is no longer optional and is quickly becoming a necessity for any type of business. With a mobile CRM your business becomes more connected, your marketing, sales and support efforts are more effective and management is more efficient. In short, mobile CRM will maximise business performance and minimise time-waste.

So is your company currently benefits from mobile CRM technology?

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