Automatic Scheduling  for Small Businesses: Definition,  Advantages & Implementation

Automatic Scheduling for Small Businesses: Definition, Advantages & Implementation

Nov,2019 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

When it comes to selecting the best strategy to streamline your small business workflow, automation is always the best answer. Task automation or using technology to perform repetitive and routine daily tasks without human intervention, frees your staff up to focus on the things that matter the most such as closing leads. The list of tasks that can be automated in a small business is endless, but in this article, we are going to focus on appointment scheduling.

Author: Reza Bakhtiary, Smarty Software


Appointment Scheduler

If you are operating in a marketing and sales department, chances are you schedule a lot of appointments. Since you need to coordinate your calendar with leads and current customers to find a time which suits you both, generally, this can take a significant amount of your time which can be used to approach more prospects in order to increase sales. For those who deal with senior managers or excessively busy leads, finding common meeting times can be particularly burdensome. Fortunately, technology can help you automate your everyday routine tasks. Instead of going back and forth to find a common time when both you and your contact can meet, you send the contact a URL to your personal appointment calendar. The calendar shows your availability and lets the contact pick a time that also convenient for them. Your calendar then will be synced with the new activity and you will be notified via email about the date and time they selected. This avoids the negotiation process and manual effort to select a day that works for both of you while ensuring that you avoiding double-booking and the appointment fits into your working hours.

Why small business needs one?

Engaging Customers

Appointment scheduling is a vital factor which is actually essential to the success of a small business, especially a service-based one. Scheduling appointments with customers are the first step towards building a beneficial business relationship. These interactions set the tone for the relationship with your customers and are the means by which your small business maintains interaction with current customers and engages potential buyers to purchase your services. Considering the importance of appointments themselves, obviously, it’s essential that the scheduling of your customer appointments is properly managed.

Saving Time

Booking appointments used to look like a sales rep or receptionist setting up the appointment through back and forth phone calls or emails, recording the information on a paper calendar and then following up with both the client and the concerned staff member to ensure that all the parties are aware of when the appointment has been set.

As Benjamin Franklin advised: “Time is Money”. In the business area, the more time spent on routine admin tasks equates to more money and less productivity. Coordinating the day-to-day business appointments with clients and partners’ schedules, ensuring that certain staff members are present to attend relevant meetings and keeping track of the appointments can require a significant amount of time.

That is why CRMs (Customer Relationship Manager) is such tremendous support. CRMs and other scheduling software have made appointment scheduling quick, easy and convenient for both small businesses and clients. Instead of spending time out of the workday to track down customers and colleagues to inform them about pending appointments, they send a link containing the concerned person availability time which the clients can select their convenient time. Then the software will automatically send the invitation and reminder emails regarding the appointments to both sides and assigns an activity to the concerned staff member.

Streamlining Appointments

A CRM software with scheduler feature like Smarty CRM allows small businesses to put the control in the client’s hands. All you have to do is set up your availability preference and once you share the link, the client can choose the date and time. The software will then automatically update your calendar and send out automated confirmation and reminder emails. As most of your clients and colleagues are most likely use Google Calendar, the Smarty CRM Google sync capability ensures that the software can coordinate events with Google Calendar.

Clients can also schedule appointments whenever they pleased, even outside of your company working hours. This is extremely beneficial because generally, businesses lose prospective clients in these cases, simply because the clients are busy themselves during a typical workday. With software like Smarty, you are giving your contacts the opportunity to reach out to you on their own terms.

How can a small business use one?

Through marketing campaigns & customer onboarding

Without having an automated way for creating activities for your contacts or a workflow for customer onboarding, it takes so much time and effort alongside many back and forth emails and phone calls to set up an event which not only results in poor customer services but also it decreases lead conversion cycle chances and drains your staff’s energy and productivity. In order to book more appointments with low efforts and high impact, you can add your unique scheduling link to your emails and automated onboarding sequence. In this way, you have provided the contacts with your availability and an automated way for your leads to schedule demos and appointments, each time you reach out to them.

In the form of lead generation & conversion

Beside implementing your automated scheduler into your marking campaigns and onboarding sequence, you can also use it to convert your inbound web traffic to sales leads. In order to get your website visitors through your sales funnel, you can add a call to action button containing the scheduling link on your website such as “contact us” or “schedule a demo”.

You are now armed with knowledge about scheduling automation and how to implement one within your customer life cycle using automation efficiently. scheduling automation is a sustainable solution that can maximise your business performance and minimise your time waste as well as scale up your business and promise lead volume growth.

You can start using Smarty CRM to automate a wide variety of your daily routine tasks and start saving time and energy. It is also featured with a powerful scheduler feature which makes booking appointments smooth and easy. The Smarty Scheduler is a great way to keep in touch with your clients at a time that's convenient for you both. With Scheduler, sending a link is all it takes. Your clients pick an available time to meet while you move on with your day. Set up your calendar, email the link and see how easy it is to schedule and manage appointments. No more time-consuming calls, emails or text messages. Once the time is booked, a confirmation email is sent and your Google Calendar will be updated automatically. Therefore, everyone is on the same page and properly prepared.

So, what does it look like to actually schedule an appointment using Smarty Scheduler? The best way to understand the experience is to Give it a spin and schedule an appointment with us to both to see how the Scheduler works and to ask any follow-up questions you might have about this awesome feature. Get started here.

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