How automation can revolutionise a business

How automation can revolutionise a business

Apr,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

A strategy businesses use to simplify processes in order to contain costs, there’s no denying that automation has its place within the business world. Proven to help grow businesses by allowing organisations to focus on the tasks in hand, automation has played a large part in businesses of all sizes for many years.

The number one reason why many start-ups fail is due to owners spending more time than necessary on daily tasks and administration. Automation software takes all that away by doing the jobs for you – both accurately and on time. Working in a variety of ways, automation consists of integrating applications and reorganising labour resources by using a software application throughout an entire organisation. Assisting businesses far and wide, these applications have the power to grow businesses taking on menial tasks with ease in the background.

Automation software applications have been successfully implemented in:

  • marketing organisations
  • cleaning services
  • sports and fitness businesses
  • legal practices
  • the hospitality industry

Playing a large part in start-up businesses and SMEs, automation is one of the most valued elements of small businesses. As employees generally take on multiple roles within small organisations, automation software is paramount to their success by allowing the employees to concentrate on working as a team to generate new business instead of inputting data, analysing statistics and focusing on general administration duties. Similarly, many large corporations’ and blue chip companies’ backbone is propped up by self-running programs. Working seamlessly in the background, automation software is the best – and quietest – employee ever to walk through the door. Undertaking tasks in a timely, accurate manner, it makes light work of a whole host of jobs, such as chasing invoices, sending out emails and analysing website traffic. Allowing sales people to focus on face to face sales, marketing experts to create eye-catching content and business teams develop new business opportunities using accurate market information, automation software streamlines the whole business process within every department.

Automation software, such as Smarty, has been proven to:

  • help grow response rates from 20% to 175% year on year
  • increase leads by 83%
  • triple revenue in as little as a year
  • help grow email lists by 33%
  • grow sales by 400%

The Smarty platform incorporates a number of clever programmes to help organisations manage small or micro businesses efficiently and effectively. Instead of using three or four different software programmes to do the work of a marketing, finance, sales and businesses assistant, Smarty cuts down on:

  • the costs associated with running multiple programmes
  • the time spent training employees
  • money spent updating and buying in valuable data

in order to create an altogether more efficient business model and help grow businesses by shrinking workloads.



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