How Automation Can Revolutionise a Consulting Business

How Automation Can Revolutionise a Consulting Business

May,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Everywhere we look, technology is redefining the working world. Streamlining processes and freeing up the time of individuals, technology is a force to be reckoned with. Improving the effectiveness of businesses everywhere, developments in technology have helped progress the working arena into what we know and love today. Automation is one of the most important technological developments over the last couple of years, helping thousands of businesses right around the world streamline their processes.

Providing a professional service to an individual or an organisation to improve productivity and performance for a fee, consultancy businesses are on the increase. Tending to fall under the following sectors: finance, IT, management, HR, legal, hotel and hospitality and healthcare, consulting businesses are one of the many sectors that have benefitted tenfold from automation. Providing an effective way of generating leads and converting them into clients, integrating monotonous daily tasks into the background and helping to organise staff, there’s no wonder that automation is one of the most effective ways of freeing up time, allowing consultants to focus on building their business.

Revolutionising consultancy business from the inside out by increasing the time available to develop relationships, automation can assist all areas of the business:

Managing relationships

In consulting, building successful relationships is not just important, it’s vital to its success. The outcome of an entire project can actually depend on the strength of your relationship with a client. Constant communication and updates will ensure that expectations are the same on both sides throughout the duration of each project. The scope of a project is often interchangeable, and if you’ve already established an open flow of communication between your company and the client, you can adjust resources and pricing accordingly to avoid further conflict. Going above and beyond for a client early in the process can pay dividends in the long run. Unfortunately many people simply don’t have the time to focus on a couple of individual clients in order to build the kind of relationship that can greatly benefit the business long term. But that’s where automation comes in. Automating these processes makes communicating infinitely easier. Making manually managing contacts, analysing customer data and scheduling appointments a thing of the past, automating these processes frees up time, allowing you to focus on building relationships face to face and providing an excellent service to your customers.

Generate leads

Another vital part of the continued success of a business is making sure you generate relevant leads that can ultimately turn into sales. Lead generation is on all of our minds, all of the time. No matter what business we're in, new and existing leads are one of the most important things consultancies – no matter what sector they’re in – strive for. After all, the more people there are in our sales funnel, the more potential there is for new sales and customer retention. However, maintaining the flow of leads can be an extremely tedious job with lots of manual work. Taking up valuable time, leads generating is something that often gets overlooked to focus on the tasks in hand – such as developing existing relationships. There are many moving parts in the lead generation system, with CRMs, email marketing lists and manual telephone calls all common in consultancy businesses. Automating some of these processes can help save you both time and money and allow you to move those leads further down that ever-important sales funnel. Email campaigns are one of the most effective ways to increase leads, and consequently turn them into sales. Extremely important to consultancies, creating self-running email campaigns can significantly improve a consultancies’ performance, helping to secure its future within the industry.

Manage finances

There’s no denying that finance is an integral part of any business. Although the day to day processes can be increasingly time consuming – especially as the business grows and increasing amounts of money are being dealt with. Automating multiple finance processes allows the teams to put their efforts into other, more integral parts of the finance business. Making manually monitoring bank accounts and chasing overdue payments a thing of the past, automating these tedious processes minimises the amount of day to day accounting work individuals need to do, allowing them to concentrate on petty cash and irregular incomings and outgoings.

Monitor staff and sales

Staff management is often put to the bottom of the pile at busy times. Monitoring each member of staff is extremely time-consuming, let alone analysing their induvial sales targets. Automating the whole process can save you invaluable time, allowing you to put all your attention on growing your business from within.

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Author: Farhad Reyazat, CEO, Smarty Software

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