Your Guide to Automated Lead Generation and CRM

Your Guide to Automated Lead Generation and CRM

Jun,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

You’ve probably heard the term ‘automated lead generation’, however if you’re not sure quite what it is, read our comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about the innovation that is taking the business world by storm.

What is a lead?

We’ll start with the basics first. A lead is a person or organisation who has showed an interest in your company's offering. Signing up to newsletters, taking online surveys or requesting a quote are all ways in which you can collect data in order to create a lead.

Lead generation helps you to produce multiple high-quality sales leads in order to generate more business – but with less manual effort. Allowing you to focus on the creative and strategic elements that help to increase marketing return on investment

What is lead Generation?

Lead generation is essentially a way of enticing potential customers to your business and putting them on a positive path to buying. Made up of a two-step process, it is often extremely time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. First you must attract the lead by grabbing their attention with your offering. Then, and perhaps the most challenging part, comes the process of converting them into prospects by doing what you want them to do. Companies large and small are always looking for new and unique ways to attract people to their business. Providing prospects with relevant, exciting and enticing information to genuinely – and organically – get them interested in a product, the real challenge is getting them to want to find out more.

What is automated lead generation?

Automated lead generation helps you to produce multiple high-quality sales leads in order to generate more business – but with less manual effort. Allowing you to focus on the creative and strategic elements that help to increase marketing return on investment, automated lead generation enables a wide range of individuals and businesses to utilise contemporary marketing strategies in order to grow their business.

Why is it important?

There’s nothing more satisfying for businesses than finding out people are organically interested in their offering. They are the type of people who companies far and wide aim to attract through their respective marketing campaigns. Allowing them to initiate a relationship with you, as opposed to the other way around, it makes the communication a whole lot easier, wholesome and more natural.

What can it do?

Securing a stable stream of leads is extremely difficult for a whole host of businesses. However automated lead generation can significantly help overcome this and help both individuals and businesses increase revenue ten-fold. Helping them make the most of modern marketing techniques, such as:

  • email and event marketing
  • lead scoring and nurturing
  • CRM integration
  • data clean-up
  • sales visibility

automated lead generation has become one of the most important modern developments within sales and marketing, and as a consequence, has become an important strategy for marketers in almost every sector.

What effect does it have on businesses?

As companies strive to generate demand and get their messages heard by informed, multi-channel buyers, they are using lead generation to build brand awareness, cultivate both prospective customers and current customers, and qualify leads in order to generate quantifiable revenue. Proving to be an invaluable tool for companies of all sizes, automated lead generation market research
firm MarketsandMarkets last year estimated that marketing automation software revenues worldwide would grow to $5.50 billion in 2019 – which signals almost a $2 billion increase in just five years.

How can I use automation to generate leads?

Still a relatively new concept within the world of marketing, automated lead generation is often underutilised due to a lack of knowledge. However there are four main areas you can maximise in order to make the most of automation in order to generate leads:

Ensure key departments are talking to one another

Communication is key within any businesses. And it’s no secret that sales and marketing go hand in hand. However more often than not, the two departments don’t seem to communicate or co-operate well. One of the ongoing disputes between marketing and sales revolves around the quality of leads, but automated lead generation could significantly help to clear up any quarrels and streamline communication between the two pivotal departments and help process business development.

Drip campaigns

Allowing marketers to deliver direct campaigns at exact intervals, drip campaigns are one of the best ways of allowing companies to nurture leads. Segmenting is imperative to ensure that campaigns provide relevant content that is able to guide the buyer’s journey and ensure they don’t find themselves losing subscribers due to irrelevant campaigns.

Know the value of landing pages

An essential part of any mass mail campaigns, landing pages are often underestimated. Not only will a good landing page help you to capture prospects’ attention, but it can also help to increase the chance of capturing visitor information. Simple and easy to set up, an effective and well thought out landing page used in conjunction with automation can have a plethora of positive impacts on your business, including conversation rates increasing to as much as 50%[1].

Get personal with the right people

Once used by a handful of businesses, personalisation is one of the fastest growing ways for businesses to increase their revenue. However before jumping head first into a personalised direct campaign, it should be correctly thought out. Personalisation doesn’t just mean including names. It refers to any tailored part of a campaign, so that includes content, messages and discounts. Thus in order to get the most out of personalisation, you must segment your data to make sure it resonates with the audience, then utilise split testing in order to find out what messages hit the right notes. Used spectacularly by businesses worldwide, personalisation has been shown to increase visitors by 95%, and result in a 217% increase in revenue.[2]

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