How Automation Can Revolutionise Small Accountancy Firms and Bookkeepers

How Automation Can Revolutionise Small Accountancy Firms and Bookkeepers

Jul,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

It’s no secret that small businesses have a lot to cope with on a daily basis. With a limited workforce, tiny budgets and often relying on a small number of clients to keep it afloat, running a small business is no easy task. However juggling the day to day runnings of a business can become infinitely simpler with automation software.

Allowing tasks such as lead generation and management, invoice chasing and marketing and SEO monitoring to be taken care of in the background, marketing automation can aid businesses when it comes to sustaining and growing their business.

So how exactly can an accountancy firm benefit from automation?

Helping a wide range of sectors improve and grow their business, automation can really play an integral part when it comes to accounting SMEs and bookkeepers. Bringing a plethora of benefits, automation:

allows for a more seamless customer experience for clients

One of the key points that small businesses and start-ups rely on is word of mouth. Therefore it’s incredibly important for them to keep their current and prospective customers happy in order to have the best chance of retaining them. Automation allows businesses to keep in contact with their customers with ease thanks to automated emails, while keeping abreast of client workflow and job status.

reduces manual backend accounting work

The last thing managers will want to spend time doing is chasing outstanding payments manually. Automation software, such as Smarty, can help cut down on the time wasted chasing overdue invoices and conducting time-consuming yet important duties.

makes organisation much easier

Having all customer information, diaries and calendars, contact information, emails and order and billing information in one place makes it simple to keep on top of work and make better use of time. So although using multiple platforms may have worked fine for years, it doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from making the switch to one, easy to use, all-encompassing, platform.

helps businesses to grow

Everyone has their forte. Some are creatives, great painters and writers, whereas others are better at more practical tasks, good with numbers and strategy. With that in mind, accountants probably don’t have any idea about marketing a business. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is one of the main areas a small or start-up business needs to focus on in order to be successful. Improving visibility in search engines is essentially free advertising and will allow you to increase your business tenfold. Automation software, such as Smarty, can keep track of a business’ SEO and highlight areas they need to improve.

minimises errors and the costs associated with them

Human error happens daily. It’s unavoidable. However with an automated workflow, you can help to reduce the amount of errors by letting technology do the work for you. Particularly useful for accountants where accuracy is specifically required, automation can reduce the expensive costs associated with errors and inefficiencies. Likewise, if clients fail to pay on time, don’t pay for services or if the amount of new clients slows down, this can cause serious problems for small accountancy firms and bookkeepers. Automation makes it simple to keep track of all of these while maintaining essential accuracy at all times.

keep on top of KPIs

Information can be difficult to collect in accountancy firms. And collecting information for your key performance indicators (KPIs) is no exception. Requiring even more admin work in everyday situations, it’s important to get the balance right to ensure you are collecting the right level of information in order to help your business grow. Automating these processes is ideal as you can collect a plethora of useful and valuable information about your processes much easier. It will also be presented to you in easy t- understand charts and sections, minimising the time needed to correlate information together. Automation allows you to measure efficiency, sales, costs and turnaround times with ease, giving you a heightened insight into your business.

look at trends

Luckily the accounting world doesn’t have seasonal peaks and troughs, however it’s always worth keeping an eye on when business is booming and when it needs a little push. If you know exactly when business is slow, you can put your efforts into advertising your services and encourage a steady flow of income all year round.

All in all, automation software is one of the finest ways small accountancy firms and bookkeepers can improve both their offering to their clients and grow their business with minimal effort. Smarty Software the finest automation software on the market. With a whole range of unique features, benefits and a user-friendly interface, it frees up time while allowing businesses owners, directors and managers to focus on their job in hand.


Author: Farhad Reyazat, CEO & Founder, Smarty Software



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