5 Ways Business Automation Can Paint a Path of Success for Small Art Galleries

5 Ways Business Automation Can Paint a Path of Success for Small Art Galleries

Jul,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

When working in an art gallery, the focus should ideally be set on the art, artists, and clients.  However, routine business management can get in the way of this as you start to prioritise sending emails, invoices, managing appointments, tracking down payments from clients, etc., etc. All of this can become overwhelming if you’re trying to do it all on your own. Especially for smaller, independent galleries who do not have the expansive staffing of large galleries to take on some of these responsibilities. 

So how exactly does automation software relate to your gallery?  Well, with advancing technology like automation, you will be able to give your clients that same sort of high end experience that larger galleries do, but maintain your independent status.  Thereby, when you automate these tedious tasks you can have more time to get back to the he(art) of your gallery.  

Still questioning just how? Here are just 5 simple ways using an automation software can decrease some of the burden of business, so you can focus more on the art:

Improve communication and relationships with clients.

Staying on top of all your clients’ interests can be very time consuming. Trying to keep track of maybe which style of art they like, if they prefer sculptures to paintings, etc. is not an easy task.  However, this is important information to know when trying to build up a strong relationship with them.  If you are able to tailor the type of news they receive to their specific interests, they are probably more likely to come back to your gallery.  With a CRM (customer relationship management) system you are able to do all of this.  You can segment your clients into specific lists to make managing and target their interests much easier.  

Email campaigns just became a lot easier.

Typically, trying to create and send out emails is a huge hassle.  For instance, you have a new exhibit opening soon and you want to spread the word directly to your clients. Creating this email campaign would require extensive time and energy to keep up with sending out the right email to the right clients about the right event for their interests. Automation, however, streamlines this process by managing all that for you. The software allows you to have all this set up, then sends out the emails for you, so you do not have to fuss over all the details.

Easy organisation of appointments and scheduling.

Appointments can be tricky, after all there is a reason we have all become so dependent on our calendars. From scheduling an appointment to try to remember the details like the date, the person, and specific times, these small details can sometimes fall through the cracks in our memories. Hence our ever growing need/want for a calendar to manage all this information. While we have our different digital phone calendars, sticky note systems, and marked up planners, wouldn’t it be nice to have everything on one system? Well, automation does this for you. The software enables you or clients schedule appointments, automatically sends reminders, and view upcoming months all in one convenient location.

Automatic invoicing and payment reminders.

Nothing is worse than having to chase down clients for payments or missing an invoice.  With an automation system, you can set-up automated invoices and payment reminders with a few clicks of the mouse. Even better, you will be able to track client information to see how much they’re buying, how frequently their purchases are, how much they still owe, and more in their personal profiles.  Further, if you’re a gallery to hire, you can have pre-set estimates to easily send to your potential customers or artists with only a couple clicks.

Keep your staff on task and up-to-date.

With everything going on in a gallery, from showing exhibits to working with artists to reaching out to your clients, your in house staff can get pushed to the back burner.  Instead of managing their schedules and task details, your focus gets drawn to the multitude of tasks that you have to do. Again, automation can help you and your staff make the most of your work days. Software, like Smarty and others, allow you to upload tasks for specific staff members, including when start and end dates for them.  This allows you all to be on the same page with deadlines and work to be completed.  Further, staff can easily add to their timesheet, so you can know how many hours go into completing each specific task.  


Author: Julia Ludwig, Marketing Assistant, Smarty Software


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