Smarty Software Unveils Small Business Auto-response Feature

Smarty Software Unveils Small Business Auto-response Feature

Sep,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Smarty Software, the UK’s only all-in-one small business software, today introduced new generation of Autoresponders, which sets new standard for the small business automation.

Smarty Autoresponders offer a brand new, modern and intelligent experience across any device that enables clients to work faster and smarter. The unique feature of Smarty’s autoresponders is integration within all-in-one platform where users have an immediate access to anything from marketing, lead generation, sales to finance and appointment settings.

Based on feedback from more than 1000 small businesses customers, autoresponder has been created to offer a seamless experience for all the users and their leads.

Smarty’s CRM is the centre of gravity for businesses, its strong foundation. Companies of every size and industry are looking to transform how they work and engage with customers to drive growth, micro and small businesses are turning now to Smarty to connect every interaction across sales, finance, marketing, community, and analytics.

Autoresponders are taking CRM, lead generation and lead nurturing to the new level. Now users can nurture any lead that is added to its CRM, it can automate lead nurturing for all leads signing up to appointments or filling data capture forms.

Agnes Gradzewicz, Co-Founder and CMO, commented ‘We bring new era of autoresponders to small business owners, transforming their leads and client interactions with insights from the all-in-one Smarty platform’

What are the auto-responders?

Autoresponders go by a few different names like triggered emails and drip campaigns, but essentially they are an automated email, or sequence of emails sent when a subscriber meets a condition you pre-set. For example, when someone joins your newsletter list, fills form on landing page etc. So the process can begin when someone subscribes to your general email list. Alternatively, you can create new lists catered specifically to those who want the content.

Generally, the autoresponder aims to transfer know-how, but making offers and attempting to sell are not out of bounds. You’ll probably need to experiment to arrive at the right balance of educational and promotional copy. You’ll want to consistently address your prospect’s needs and stress the benefits of your products or services.

As your company grows and your marketing needs change, automation scales with you. Build your own automation rules with our segmentation tool. Design custom workflows by choosing your trigger criteria, list segment, and number of steps in the series.

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