Marketing Programme

Marketing Programme

Oct,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Being an entrepreneur or running a small business can be tiring to say the least. Trust us we know. That’s why we are here to help you come up with a marketing plan to help kick start the marketing side of your business. Don’t panic or feel overwhelmed with implementing these marketing strategies, it’s really not that difficult and made with a novice in marketing in mind. By the end of Christmas, you would have grown your business by at least 25%.

Remember this is not magic formula on how to grow your business, we would like to know magic tricks as well but we don’t. This is a roadmap with clear targets to achieve in the next 11 weeks. Also, if this is not something you expected, feel free to unsubscribe at any time.

What to expect from this programme?

We can’t cover every aspect of marketing for your business but here are some resources to kick off!

You need to be registered for the programme to fully benefit from its content, if you have not registered yet apply here

Marketing Calendar: This is a calendar with an effective marketing strategy. You will receive a spreadsheet with what marketing efforts you need to undertake for your business and a timeline to achieve just that. You will have access to download this spreadsheet with a marketing overview of the next 11 weeks.

Marketing Budget: We have come up with a marketing budget on how much you should allocate to different areas of your marketing, such as Facebook and Twitter. Of course this is a guideline as nobody knows your business as well as you do so be sure to adjust this in terms of your capabilities.

A to do list: Yes, yes sorry but you will have homework. But how else are you going to gain new clients without implementing these strategies? You will receive a-to-do-list every week from us taking no more than 1.5 hours to complete.

Excel Import CRM for data: Having personal information on your clients, organised in an easy to read way makes your job easier and is really beneficial when marketing new products and services to them. We will be providing you with an easy to ready excel file where you can input information on your clients such as where they live and there joining details.

Access to Smarty to assist with CRM and Email – You will have the opportunity to use Smarty which is an automated all-in-one business management solution. It manages your sales, invoices, marketing and so much more. For the purpose of your marketing strategy you can use Smarty to manage your CRM and to create e-mails that will be going out to your customers. You will have the opportunity to create a free account with Smarty to get access to CRM, for Email Marketing purposes and creating a landing page.

Go to [SEE YOUR EMAIL TO ACCESS THIS PROMO LINK] as this will allow you to have access to a Promotional Package for free for the duration of 3 months

You can either subscribe to Smarty software or close your account after the programme.

Promotional Templates and Emails: Sometimes formatting an engaging email for your customers can be head racking. That is why we will be providing you with example templates of emails that you can use to offer a promotion or to simply say ‘’thank you’’ for making a purchase.


  1. A Website or a Landing Page (If you don’t have either of these we will show you how to create a Landing Page at least)
  2. Basic branding for your business You will need a logo or at least a leaflet

If you don’t have your business logo yet, it’s time to get one done. Ask your friends if they know an affordable designer or alternatively you can use or to order one for pre-agreed budget.

What you need to do now?

Because we are talking about marketing here, social media is definitely going to come into play. There are a couple of social media tasks that you need to do.

Set up your business accounts on 3 social media platforms of your choice, our recommendations are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook or Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Next, you need to create a free account on Hootsuite or TweetDeck . These tools are extremely helpful in Social media management. They will help you schedule what time you want your posts to appear not just on Twitter, but on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Your to-do list for this week

  1. Create a list of top 50 prospects for your business (You may not get exactly 50 but the more the better) these are names of businesses or individuals that you will want to use your business service.
  1. Adjust the attached marketing plan to fit your business needs
  2. Update the attached marketing budget to fit your business needs
  3. Set up your free account at Smarty or with the other software links that was provided
  4. Alternatively, you can click this link [access this link in the email we sent you] to provide you with other software that create landing pages, emails etc.

Heads up for week 2!

Get ready! Next week you will start putting things into action. We will be

  • Creating a landing page to gather leads
  • Contacting your top prospects
  • Explaining how to grow and engage users on your social media platforms

We hope we haven’t bored you with this long (but necessary introductory information) but trust us it will all be worth it. Make sure to download the attached spreadsheets that were at the bottom of the email to make the necessary adjustments for next week.

Also remember to create those social media accounts if you haven’t already.

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