How to have the correct Marketing & Business Strategy in place for the Christmas holidays

How to have the correct Marketing & Business Strategy in place for the Christmas holidays

Dec,2016 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

It’s widely accepted that retailers and business owners (depending on your industry) make the most of their sales during the holiday season. It’s not called the Season of Giving for no reason, this is the time of the year that people are overall much more cheerful, and most importantly, to the benefit of those in business, spending more money!

On the other hand, the holiday period usually results in more staff taking leave and staff getting ill which can be manic for a business owner. Bearing this in mind, it’s crucial for a business owner to have the correct Marketing and Business strategy in place to withstand the holidays!

To do this, here are some lessons you should take on board:

Make the most of Social Media

Agreed, people are busy this holiday season. But, we can assure you that no one is too busy for Social Media. Unlike stores and services that take days off, there isn’t a day off for Social Media. So as a business owner you can use this to an advantage. What we mean is this, engage with your customers through these platforms by sharing non-promotional content that can be related to the holiday season. Also, include your own promotional content such as Christmas offers or deals that encourage gift-buying. There are Social Media scheduling tools that can even save you time, by scheduling content to be posted in advance.  

Stay connected with customers by sending out timely newsletters

All because you aren’t in the office doesn’t mean your customers shouldn’t hear from you this Christmas. Instead implementing automation software will make sure all your emails and newsletters get to the right clients at the right time this holiday period.  To start, you can integrate your email lists with your CRM database.  This helps you segment your clients based on what product or service of yours interests them most.  Then, you can create emails specifically for them.  Once you have all this done, you can set the time and date of when you would like the emails to be sent out.

Manage Staff productivity through Cloud based automation software

As we mentioned before, shops, stores and services shut down for Christmas which means their staff do as well. This is really the season where staff count may be lower than usual which can get difficult for a business owner but this doesn’t mean work can’t get done. With automation software like Smarty it allows you to still designate tasks to your employees, whilst keeping account of their productivity by setting KPI’s. So, whether it’s a snow storm and your colleagues can’t get in to work, staff can still be updated on what needs doing by a Smart automation tool.  Smarty software makes everyone connected via one comprehensive software. Ideally, there should never be a day off (we’re totally joking).

Always let your customers hear from you with timely Drip Marketing this Holiday period

Although it’s the holiday season people are still going to be online. And even on Christmas day. As usual, people will be using the web to browse things of their interest, signing up for blogs, webinars, free trials etc, and making purchases. It’s important that a potential customer receives the obligatory “thank-you” e-mail once they’ve signed up to your services so that they know your business still exists and you haven’t fell off the radar this holiday! This is made possible with Drip Marketing. For example, if a customer signed up to your e-mail list they will receive an automatic welcome email.

The next email could be along the lines of a ‘Top tips’ that keeps the customer interested – sent five days later. Lastly they can receive a – Special offer email - sent seven days later. Clearly this example shows you how automation software allows you to stay on top of your lead nurturing process. You literally can sip on some hot chocolate whilst watching some Christmas classics over the holidays and have your business processes running smoothly at the same time! Similarly, you can shorten the drip marketing process depending on the action taken. For example, if a customer signed up to a promotional discount via a landing page of yours they can simply receive a one-off “thank-you for registering” email.

What about invoices? I have to send those manually and I don’t have time to do that this Christmas…

With automation software you can send out invoices manually whenever you want, but you can also set up recurring invoices for your regular customers and clients. If you have customers that buy from you on a monthly, weekly (or whatever) basis, you can now create recurring invoices to be sent to them automatically. If they buy from you monthly, then pick the day of the month that you want their invoice to be sent (preferably before Christmas day) and it will be sent out. For an added bonus- the system can also send out automatic thank-you reminders as they pay.

Quickly get a glance of your business overview through a mobile device

Let’s be real here. It’s the holidays, as important as your business is, we hope that you’re still finding time to relax and spend time with the important ones this Christmas, hopefully all your time isn’t being dragged away slaving on your business. Luckily using Smarty Software you can log into your account and get an overall view of sales, expenses, and any new leads via the dashboard tool. This can be accessed via a mobile or tablet so no matter where you are this Holiday you’ll get the latest updates with what’s happening with your business.

Hopefully you now understand how to have the correct marketing and business strategy this Christmas.

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