Smarty Launched Bank Feed in The Accountancy Suite

Smarty Launched Bank Feed in The Accountancy Suite

Mar,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Smarty Software partnered up with Bankin to provide a stemless bank feed connection to all the customers. Smarty is taking another step towards creating a more integrated system by providing a connection with hundreds of banks in the UK and thousands globally.

Bankin is the leader in Europe with more more than 1.5 million customers to trust them in France, in England, in Spain and in Germany. They are the only company independent from banks in Europe, making their service more accurate and secure. They were the obvious partner to work with on this important project.

Bank feeds let our customers automatically import account transactions into Smarty from their bank or other financial institutions. Once bank feeds are up and running, they no longer need to download and import bank statements to get transactions into Smarty, all is automatically synchronised and transactions are imported every Monday.

Smarty Software’s CEO, Farhad Reyazat commented: ‘’We are delighted to offer this feature to our customers and make sure running their day to day operations is even easier. We are also glad to choose Bankin as partner to provide this service.’’

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