Lead Your Sales to Success in a Few Steps!

Lead Your Sales to Success in a Few Steps!

Jun,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Dont let the sales process frighten you. Here are ways to talk less and get more from customers.

Understanding Who You Are

Before going on your first sales call, in fact, before you even become an entrepreneur or salesperson, you have to understand yourself. What does it take to become a motivated salesperson? It takes an insight into your makeup, into what you want, and knowing that you have the desire, commitment, and outlook to succeed. We’ve all heard the 80/20 rule—you know, 80% of a company’s sales are made by 20% of the salespeople in the organization. So, you really have to look inside yourself to see if you have the makeup to be part of that 20%. Otherwise, why waste your time?

Understanding Others

Once you have a clear picture of who you are, you can then learn how to interact successfully with others. As we’ve mentioned, there’s a saying that ‘‘People buy from people they like.’’  People buy emotionally. Needs wants, distresses, frustrations, and other emotions push people to take action. It’s those emotions that fuel the buying engine. This is where the power of listening—really listening and observing—comes in handy. 

Smarty helps you be a better listener

Being a better listener isn't always accompanied with remembering everything that's said. Sometimes interrupting the person you're on a call with to repeat what they said will disturb the flow and leave some points undiscussed, as you might not know what they want to add and they might forget once they're interrupted.

To solve this, you can use automation software programs in the market, among dozens of which Smarty will let you record all your conversations with the leads and customers. In case you forget or miss some point you can simply play your recorded call. All you need to do when on a call with a client or lead is now "carpe diem" and focusing on what they need and what you can offer. Writing and listening all the important point simultaneously is hard a task to do for most of sales persons and entrepreneurs. Increase your efficiency on calls to 100% by having the calls recorded in your archive.

Getting Prospects

For many entrepreneurs and salespeople, getting prospects means many things. In the beginning, getting prospects means cold calling, joining networking groups and organizations, and advertising. No matter what it is, every salesperson needs to be able to easily and simply explain what he does without seeming like he is selling. One technique is to pretend that you are advertising on TV or radio and have limited time to tell people who you are. Write a short and simple description of what you do without sounding like a salesperson and you’re on your way. 

 As you begin to build rapport with clients, opportunities will begin to present themselves. You can get into a position to ask for referrals. Referrals come when you have satisfactorily given your client or prospect what they wanted and more. People do things according to their own agenda. In other words, everyone is tuned into the same radio station. Furthermore, you have to recognize and acknowledge your clients’ and prospects’ expectation levels. The more you do that, the easier it will become to make a sale. 

How does someone find those distresses?

By asking questions and listening to the answers. Potential customers will tell you everything you need to know if you just ask the right questions and listen to the responses. The 30% rule is one worth remembering and implementing:

How can Smarty help?

Business automation software comes to the scene here again. You may ask how it can help here? A marketing automation software would gather all the information you need to know about you client from his/her social media accounts, so you’ll know the buyer's character way better than when you just ask some random questions. It may cut your conversation time and will save your money and energy as you can call directly from the platform itself. By just clicking the look-up bottom in leads profile, you can get the proper info you need and will find out what your client is hoping to get out of the meeting. What else do you think your marketing need?  

Adding Value

What you need to do at this point of the process is to give your client the information he has told you he needs. You can even ask them what they would like you to do. ‘‘If you were me, what would you do next?’’ is a question that evokes a great and telling answer. You can see how much time and money you’ve saved by not giving away too much information, making needless extra qualifying or disqualifying meetings, or spending time tracking people down without knowing what they want.

Now is when you add your value by addressing the relevant points. Long ago, you started to learn what they needed by asking, listening, using your ABCs, probing, and listening some more. Now, all you have to do is produce only those things that address the issues they’ve revealed. When you have been instructed by your prospect/client as to what he or she needs, you are in the final step to getting the sale.


Don’t ever be afraid to ask for the order! Remember you are giving them the vehicle to do away with their problems. And don’t ever be afraid to ask for payment. You sure would be willing to pay whatever it costs to meet your clients’ needs, wouldn’t you?

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