How email marketing tools can benefit your business

Jun,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Opening inbox and facing the notification of +100 new email received is not that much surprising for most of us. Receiving irrelevant emails and seeing inbox bursting with tons of unsolicited messages in which we are not interested. Our grandparents had the same experience with the junk mails arrived through their letterbox most of which gets thrown out, unread, and in many cases unopened. You may ask yourself why email marketing when we ignore most of marketing emails sent to our inbox?

The truth is that email marketing still matters and customers still open an e-mail containing a newsletter or promotion from you, as long as they recognize your brand, are expecting to receive communication from you, and are confident it will contain something of value to them.

Despite the proliferation of spam and the fact that most people’s inboxes today are bursting with irrelevant and unsolicited messages, email can still be used as a beneficial and effective marketing tool that delivers real value, both to your customers and to your business.

When it comes to managing and sending your marketing e-mail, you probably won’t want to rely on your standard desktop e-mail client to do the job. While it’s a perfectly feasible approach for very small lists, as more people subscribe to your e-mail offering it will quickly become cumbersome and unmanageable.

What you need instead is one of the many customized e-mail marketing systems out there. These can be software you install on your local machine, an automation software you run on your own server, or a software-as-a-service (SAAS) offering hosted by an online service provider. These systems let you manage your e-mail list and craft your design templates for your messages

and, most importantly, help you to track your e-mail campaigns.

Some of the functions e-mail marketing tools can provide (and this is not an exhaustive list) include:


Easy-to-use tools that let you create and work from e-mail templates without having to be a technical expert; without waiting on a designer or IT;

2.Spam Testing 

 Testing tools that allow you to check that your message will make it past major spam filters;

3. Easy Tracking

Tracking tools that show how many people have ignored, opened or responded to your e-mail (more about this is mentioned in detail towards the end of the chapter);


Personalization tools that let you modify the content dynamically to individuals or specific target profiles on your list.


(Sources: Understanding Digital marketing- DAMIAN RYAN & CALVIN JONES)

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