With zero knowledge of designing, design landing pages faster than designers!

With zero knowledge of designing, design landing pages faster than designers!

Jun,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Simply, landing pages are the entry points where your leads can arrive at or “land” on. Lead generating landing pages are used to collect useful data from users who may have interest in your product. With that information collected, you can contact them in time, and lead them to being loyal customers. A beautifully designed landing page is the gateway through which you can make a lasting impression on your prospect’s mind.

However, most entrepreneurs and startup owners know beans about designing and HTML. Using Smarty landing pages, you will have no difficulty designing a practical landing page with an awesome look. With professionally pre-designed features, you can make a great page with simple drags and drops and a little sense of creativity. To design a stunning landing page with Smarty, all you need to have is the landing page content and roadmap. Smarty will do the rest for you.

  • Easily drag amazingly designed blocks and drop them where you want
  • See preview of your landing page before finalizing it
  • Duplicate your landing page and make some slight change to the other version, so you can test their performance and optimize you future landing page designing
  • Attach files to your Smarty and provide your prospects with new information through PDF
  • Connect your landing page to a specific campaign and employee account so you can track its performance easier and see how many leads the landing page has collected, and figure out your lead-to-customer rate
  • Set an auto responder to your landing page, just relaxSMARTY does the rest of lead generation stuff for you!


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