How does Smarty CRM integrate with Google Calendar?

How does Smarty CRM integrate with Google Calendar?

Jun,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task on any of its scale. Entrepreneurs are often surrounded with the massive workload and several upcoming meetings and events during the week. That's why calendars are at the heart of entrepreneurship time management. The Google calendar two-way integration with Smarty calendar empowers you to set up meeting, calls, and events on your Smarty calendar and a Google Calendar event for them all at the same time. 

Let's this syncing party started!

To set up the Integration in your Smarty account navigate to Account Menu > My profile


Simply click on the " change calendar type" icon which is located under your "profile detail" section.

To enable the integration select "Smarty calendar sync with your Google calendar" then you will be sent to Google where you should allow Smarty to manage your calendar! 

You are ready now to keep track of your meetings and calls and immediately connect to Smarty projects in Google Apps!

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