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Week 5 Marketing Programme

This week our focus is on creating a list of journalists to contact for a press release and how to create an infographic.

How Business Automation Can Organise the Life of a Virtual Assistant

As a Virtual Assistant, it may get overwhelming trying to organise and keep track of your workload. Most of your tasks may range from scheduling an email campaign for a client, managing social media accounts, or calling a clients’ leads through a CRM database. You probably find yourself using different platforms to perform all these tasks which is a headache to say the least. Not only that, but when you are working for more than one client, staying on top of your business can get even more complicated.

[Infographic] How you can automate your business with the cloud software

If you’re running a small business, you’re probably too busy to even be reading this post (hopefully we caught you on a tea break). Being too busy is bad for business. The number one reason new companies fail is that their owners spend too much time on daily tasks. And that means they don’t spend enough time on steering their ship in the right direction.

Week 4 Marketing Programme

As we briefly mentioned in our email, for this week’s marketing strategy we are shaking it up a little bit…doing things a little differently.

Week 3 Marketing Programme

We don’t want to bore you too much by writing on what this week’s marketing strategy consists of. At the end of the day the only way to see growth and results in your business is to put words into action. That’s why we’re briefly going to go over this week’s marketing strategy and let you do the rest.

[Infographic] Top Reasons to Start a Business in London

London was voted the world's most competitive city, the city offers expanding international companies leading talent and huge opportunities for growth. Join the world’s most successful companies in London.

Week 2 Marketing Programme

Get the ball rolling in Week 2 of Smarty’s Marketing Programme

The 411 on Landing Pages

As a small business owner it may be costly and time consuming to make a beautiful and accessible looking website especially when you don’t have anyone around that can help. But that’s no excuse to not having a digital platform where you and your customers can engage with each other.

Marketing Programme

Being an entrepreneur or running a small business can be tiring to say the least. Trust us we know. That’s why we are here to help you come up with a marketing plan to help kick start the marketing side of your business. Don’t panic or feel overwhelmed with implementing these marketing strategies, it’s really not that difficult and made with a novice in marketing in mind. By the end of Christmas, you would have grown your business by at least 25%.

The Simple Guide to Lead Generation

Leads are the beginning of what makes any business large or small remain in existence.

Smarty Software Unveils Small Business Auto-response Feature

Smarty Software, the UK’s only all-in-one small business software, today introduced new generation of Autoresponders, which sets new standard for the small business automation.

Smarty Autoresponders offer a brand new, modern and intelligent experience across any device that enables clients to work faster and smarter. The unique feature of Smarty’s autoresponders is integration within all-in-one platform where users have an immediate access to anything from marketing, lead generation, sales to finance and appointment settings.

1.5 hour a Day Marketing Programme for Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Join the challenge to grow your business at least 25% in just three months!

If you’re new to the world of sales and marketing, or you’re just not sure where to start when creating your own lead generation strategy, don’t worry. We have created a comprehensive marketing programme which we will share with you.

Our marketing experts and business consultants have created a simple to implement marketing programme for any start-up and micro business. Every week we will share with you a marketing to-do-list, ideas, and range of free solutions for your business.

Freebies Every Business Owner Should Know About!

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner is costly.  When you’re starting your own business costs can start to add up very quickly.  The money spent on setting up your business, such as the different business systems you use for marketing, managing your staff, a web designer, invoicing and finance and more cost quite a lot in perspective.  Realising and understanding this challenge you might face, we decided to compile a list of “freebies” for you to try out! Our list ranges from different business automation software systems to online courses that you might find helpful. 

4 Reasons why it is important to have a work life balance

Today’s society is all about moving forward and moving up.  We find ourselves constantly working towards one of these.  As a result, we often let our work life take over and push our personal lives to the back burner.  Especially if you are an entrepreneur or a small business owner, your focus can be consumed by work and keeping your business evolving and growing.  While this obsession over your business may seem healthy for its growth, it might be hindering and hurting your own.  Therefore, it is important to find a balance between your work and home life.  Little do people realise that having an unbalanced work life can have detrimental effects for you, your employees, and your friends and family. 

Living the Dream While Running a Business: How to go on holiday and manage your business

For all the work that you do as an entrepreneur, you deserve a break. A chance to go on holiday and not worry about your business. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not, at least not with automation software. Business automation software can take over some of the more tedious daily tasks you face, thereby giving you more time in the day. Of course you can use this new found time to do whatever you want, but why not treat yourself to a nice holiday?

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