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Find out in under 1 minute how Director of IMBT ( is using software to grow his psychology practice.

Short Case Study from Our Clients

We are excited to share three case studies of our clients using Smarty Software. Find out in under 2 minutes how those entreprenuers using software to grow their business.

Smarty+Google Drive integration

As Google Drive is a safe place for your files, as an entrepreneur you may wish to have access to whatever you have added there on your CRM and  MARKETING software.

Landing page designing cannot get easier

As an entrepreneur, your website is an important marketing tool where your leads and customers arrive at. It is like that “welcome” sign on the front door of a shop which may attract people to come in or continue their way!
You may need to add new services, host a specific webinar, create a discount, design a landing page for each of them and share them on social media. things are not that much easy when you know beans about HTML and web designing. 

Make your expectations Real  With Smarty KPI

KPI (Key performance indicators)  shows you how well your business and employees are performing to gain your key business objectives. As they are brilliant indications of performance and are commonly used in business, KPIs are important for every business. An effective KPI should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.To find good KPIs and evaluate  them efficiently, is a bit difficult for every small business owner. Smarty is a powerful all-in-one business automation software which makes KPI identifying easy for you. 

Make the sales process better, faster and quicker with Smarty

Did you know that you can make the vast majority of your sales closed in just one call? It seems to be the most difficult task to close even 80% of all sales. Prospects need to know things before buying and you will close most of your calls if you know their needs well.

How does Smarty CRM integrate with Google Calendar?

Entrepreneurship is not an easy task on any of its scale. Entrepreneurs are often surrounded with the massive workload and several upcoming meetings and events during the week. That's why calendars are at the heart of entrepreneurship time management. The Google calendar two-way integration with Smarty calendar empowers you to set up meeting, calls, and events on your Smarty calendar and a Google Calendar event for them all at the same time. 

Say goodbye to appointment missing with Smarty appointment !

“Smarty appointments” is a highly intelligent tool that enables you to let your clients set appointments with their staff and customers. It lets your Clients quickly view your real-time availability and book their own appointments. (You can also book an appointment on you client’s behalf)

Invoicing made easy

In a world where computers are ruling, no profession can step aside and be like; “No thank you. I’m fine.” While we sleep, artificial intelligence can evaluate our next day’s work and give us useful information on how to be more assertive and practical. This makes your business more lucrative, and your clients more satisfied. This is all Smarty wants to do for you.

With zero knowledge of designing, design landing pages faster than designers!

Simply, landing pages are the entry points where your leads can arrive at or “land” on. Lead generating landing pages are used to collect useful data from users who may have interest in your product. With that information collected, you can contact them in time, and lead them to being loyal customers. A beautifully designed landing page is the gateway through which you can make a lasting impression on your prospect’s mind.

Use Smarty multi-currency to expand your global reach

If you are doing your business internationally, you most probably know that your accounting system should be able to handle some extra complexities. There are a variety of different regulations to follow working with different countries, and inevitably you work with different currencies.

Why are appointments important?

Appointments are opportunities to meet your prospects face to face and get a better understanding of their needs. When a prospect agrees on your appointment, she has taken her first step forward which means" she wants to know if you can help or not." Getting to this stage in the sales process gives you that important opportunity to find out first-hand what their needs are. It is much easier to do that face to face than it is over the telephone or by email.

Opening inbox and facing the notification of +100 new email received is not that much surprising for most of us. Receiving irrelevant emails and seeing inbox bursting with tons of unsolicited messages in which we are not interested. Our grandparents had the same experience with the junk mails arrived through their letterbox most of which gets thrown out, unread, and in many cases unopened. You may ask yourself why email marketing when we ignore most of marketing emails sent to our inbox?

Lead Your Sales to Success in a Few Steps!

Dont let the sales process frighten you. Here are ways to talk less and get more from customers.

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