Comprehensive Dashboard

Smarty CRM provides its users with multiple ways to keep track of their business performance. While the activity-based pipelines help you stay on track for each deal, you also need to keep an eye on the bigger picture and see how the company is performing. For the best at-a-glance information about your business's performance, we have provided you with a smooth dashboard feature. While the report section is all about visualising statistics through charts and graphs, the dashboard section represents straightforward information regarding your business and team performance in numbers.

  • Categorise your company information based on sales pipelines.
  • View your company insights based on sales opportunities or contacts.
  • Get an overview of your customer interaction statistics (calls & emails).
  • Discover how each of your employees performed on your desired period.
  • Gain insights into your sales opportunities progress by both count and value.
Comprehensive Dashboard

View your sales opportunities progress in the blink of an eye

Smarty CRM dashboard provides you with a polished insight into your sales opportunities progress. It allows you to view your sales opportunities stats and also categorise them on the basis of the sales pipelines. Also, you will be able to view a summary of all your sales opportunities-related activities whether they are completed or planned for the future.

View your sales opportunities progress
Keep an eye on your contacts

Keep an eye on your contacts

Smarty dashboard enables you to track your lead generation process. Newly generated leads are grouped by persons and companies for a smooth contact management experience. Also, you can have access to each employee call duration as well as activities and email stats in order to monitor their lead generation efforts and measure their KPI on your desired period.

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