Smarty Accounting Integration

Smarty CRM and Smarty Accounting work seamlessly together. Both software’s receive data that is recorded in either one. This means if you’re a pre-existing Smarty Accounting user, all your contacts will be instantly transferred onto Smarty CRM and converted into potential leads. If you’ve spent time building up your contact list in Smarty CRM, then simply adopt Smarty Accounting to automate all your financial admin and track your cashflow.

Use Smarty CRM in conjunction with Smarty Accounting software to enjoy complete integration and interoperability.

  • Share data across both platforms, even if it is created in just one.
  • Transfer contacts from Smarty Accounting over to Smarty CRM and vice versa in an instant.
  • Turn past clients and juicy prospects into valuable sales leads.
  • Automate the administration of your business finances and keep track of your cashflow at the same time as you harness CRM, sales and marketing tools.

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