Workflow Automation

Create complex, multi-step business processes with Smarty workflow automation. Workflow provides a simple point-and-click interface to automate your business processes. Workflow rules help you get admin works out of the way by automatically triggering defined actions when specified conditions are met. Use instant and scheduled actions in the workflow to automate the follow-up process in your pipeline. Moreover, you can create automatic onboarding sequence over defined situations, create activities upon generating new leads and auto-assign tasks as a sales opportunity moves through the pipeline.

  • Save time by automating your repetitive tasks.
  • Streamline your customer onboarding process.
  • Eliminate mismanaged tasks and increase data accuracy.
  • Boost business performance by focusing on the more important tasks.
  • Enhance your lead conversion rate by creating automated marketing campaigns.

Automate your repetitive tasks

Smarty CRM allows you to automate your repetitive and time-consuming tasks which result in saving time, increasing productivity and boosting business performance. Smarty Workflow automation is the key to efficiency growth and better multitasking whether you use it to automate your marketing, sales or support efforts. With workflow automation, you don’t need to worry about admin workloads, just focus on the things which are most important such as closing sales opportunities and let workflow take care of the rest.

Streamline your sales process

Improve your business performance by knowing exactly what you have to conquer next in the sales process. Smarty CRM helps you save time and increase performance with smart workflows that set automated tasks for any sales opportunity in any stage through your sales pipeline. From automatically assigning owners to creating activities and sending pitch mails, you can be sure that you are always taking the best actions on a sales lead in an ideal time.

Upgrade your customer life cycle

With Smarty CRM workflow automation, you can take your customer onboarding process to a whole new level. It enables you to automatically send personalised emails whenever a sales opportunity is generated or reaches a certain stage in the pipeline. Keep your current customers happy while having time to focus on generating new hot leads and convert them to actual buyers.

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