Smarty Customers 


Who is using Smarty?

Smarty is being used by entrepreneurs, freelancers, and micro and small businesses from a range of sectors:



  • Estate Agents

  • Party Planners

  • Cleaning Services

  • Hairdressers

  • Accountancy firms

  • Schools & Courses providers

  • Tax advisers

  • Private doctors and dentists

  • Psychologist and NLP

  • Gym and Personal Trainers

  • Electricians and Handyman




  • Marketing firms

  • Designers

  • Business consultants

  • Accountancy firms

  • Event organisers

  • Service officer providers

  • Business training & courses providers


Will Smarty work for my business?

Smarty could help you a lot if you are..


  • Running a small organisation and dealing with a lot of clients

  • Regularly losing track of payments or spending too much time chasing them

  • Attempting to run internet marketing campaigns without a web team

  • Having a marketing manager who manages a lot of initiatives

  • Losing track of how your business is performing

  • Trying to find out how well employees are doing

  • Spending too much time on day-to-day tasks


Case studies

Christiana is a self-employed web designer

who uses Smarty to keep track of her invoices, payment statuses, and expenses. Smarty follows up on all her unpaid invoices by sending automated emails to her clients. As a result, Christiana does not have to put a lot of time into accounts, and can instead focus on providing her clients with creative websites.


Jonathan is an owner of small estate agency.

Although the business is successful, he does not have enough money to employ a full time assistant and marketing manager. Smarty lets him collect new leads, create marketing campaigns, send group emails, and automate his accounting process. It allows him to be well-organised and provide excellent customer service while still having time to run the rest of his business.


Patrick and Anna are founders of a transportation company.

They and their staff are constantly on the move, and Smarty helps them monitor daily sales, view new customers, add new leads to their database, and send customers information about their latest marketing offers.

Because Smarty can access the company database remotely, Patrick and Anna can easily oversee the business when they are on the move.


Gregory is the managing director of an environmental NGO.

He mainly uses Smarty for marketing activities like are creating email campaigns, building landing pages, sending monthly newsletters, and distributing press releases.

Smarty helps him to be organised, and ensures he can look after each new lead with automated drip marketing campaigns. With the help of Smarty, Gregory’s part-time marketing manager can achieve the same results as a full-time employee.

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