Le Bureau - Wine and Learn: Digital Marketing​

Le Bureau - Wine and Learn: Digital Marketing​

Feb,2017 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

This hour-long intense introduction to small business marketing will help you choose the right marketing methods for your small business. Love it or hate it, in-house online marketing is the most cost-effective way for small businesses to get more clients and make more sales. 

As a small business owner, you will probably have a good understanding of the market you are in, but you may not have had any marketing training previously. This workshop will help grow your knowledge and teach you the key factors to creating a successful marketing strategy. 

Implementing a long-term strategy no longer requires a marketing team, as you can learn the skills necessary for success and to provide a steady stream of new prospects and customers for your business. Working on a successful strategy will ​generate long-term customers, turnover and profits – the foundations of a fast-growing business


Speakers: We’re experienced marketing experts. Over the course of over 10 years we’ve helped hundreds of businesses to substantially increase their revenues and profits. At our workshops, we can show you the tried and tested marketing methods we use to get these impressive results. 

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