What is MTD and how does it affect your business?

Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an HMRC initiative in order to make the UK tax system the most digitally advanced administrations in the world thus making it comprehensively easy, more effective and more efficient for taxpayers.

MTD is only going to apply to firms that are VAT-registered and generate annual turnovers of at least £85,000. So for sole traders and other businesses that do not meet this minimum requirement, there is not currently a need to take action.

Start Date

Details of MTD have been published well ahead of the point at which it will be rolled out nationally. This will take place on the 1st of April 2019; the start of the tax year and the dawn of a new age for this essential aspect of operating a business in the UK.

This means that there is still plenty of time for small firms to get their act together and prepare for an all-digital approach to submitting returns. But this window of opportunity is closing fast, so it is best to make changes sooner rather than later to avoid being caught out.

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using a bridging accounting software

Smarty Accounting is recognised by HMRC as Making Tax Digital compliant software.

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How to do MTD

You can easily submit your VAT by following these 5 simple steps:

Smarty Software asks for your permission to interact with HMRC directly.

submit your vat step 1

You are now ready to fill in the VAT number and then granting VAT obligation.

submit your vat step 2

Smarty now asks you to provide an authority to file the VAT return to HMRC.

submit your vat step 3

You can view all your VAT status and check in the box to make a legal declaration on right information.

submit your vat step 4

Now it's done! When recieving the submit result with all its details, just lay back and relax.

submit your vat step 5

Everything Business Owner Needs To Know About Making Tax Digital

Awesome Features

Get paid faster

Automatic payment prompts increase the speed you get paid; without lifting a finger.

Make a great first impression

Send bespoke quotations to clients and convert them straight to invoices when they're approved, making a great first impression

Let Smarty manage your expenses

Expenses are automatically reconciled and categorised so you can see what’s happening to your money.

Never make a mistake with your taxes

VAT reports are automatically generated and can be sent straight to HMRC within the software.

Generate Reports Without the Accountant

Generate a variety of reports at the touch of a button.

Work on the move

Smarty’s mobile application means you can keep on top of your accounts wherever your business may take you.


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