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Richtopia ranks Co-Founder & CMO of Smarty Software, Agnes Gradzewicz, as one of the “250 Most Influential Women”

Posted: 22 Nov 2016

Last week, Richtopia released a list of the Top 250 Successful Female leaders around the world. To earn a place on the list, Richtopia have used an algorithm method based on social media influence, Klout scores, and a “secret recipe”.

Co-founder and CMO of Smarty Software, Agnes Gradzewicz gained a place on the list joining other notable women leaders such as US Presidential runner up, Hillary Clinton, First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon and Yahoo, CEO Marrisa Mayer to name a few notable women. Overall these female leaders are powerful and influential in a world that still faces inequality from their opposite counterparts.

Upon discovering her recognition from Richtopia, Agnes said:

“I love that Richtopia have acknowledged women who make it a duty to report on the current issues that are affecting the world that we live in, and of course, I am very honoured to have gained a place on this list with other amazing, trail-blazing women!”.

Having lists such as these serve great purpose to inspire younger girls and ladies to keep chasing their dreams, not to say being mentioned on a list is the only determinant factor to keep working hard but it is a great inspirational tool to stay resilient.

This matter was also reflected by our Co-founder, who said:

“I co-founded Smarty Software 3 years ago, our Software is targeted to start-ups and small businesses to help make running their business easier, being mentioned on this list keeps me motivated to keep providing relevant and helpful information through social Media to our target audience. I am very lucky to receive a great support from the company Founder, Dr Farhad Reyazat.”

Richtopia is a digital newspaper providing information in business, marketing, influence and the latest in innovation. The newspaper founded in 2014 has had contributions from top experts in their designated industry such as James Altucher who has written pieces for Forbes, and The Financial Times, as well as other contributions from other prolific figures.

To see which other women gained a place on the influential list access the link provided

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Smarty Software: Founded in 2013, Smarty software company has been based in London. Smarty are not just software developers but also a group of entrepreneurs who understand running a business and its challenges. The software makes a small business owner’s life easier by automating business operations such as payment chasing, setting deadlines, sending emails and more through a cloud based system.

Richtopia:  is a news blog and digital newspaper focusing on diverse topics such as technology, marketing, people and the economy. The blog gained mainstream recognition by their top lists of influencers, exclusive interviews with thought-leaders, expert information and contributions.



Richtopia ranks Co-Founder & CMO of Smarty Software, Agnes Gradzewicz, as one of the “250 Most Influential Women”