Smarty Software launches ‘Take Your Business to The Cloud’ Campaign

Smarty Software launches ‘Take Your Business to The Cloud’ Campaign

Apr,2018 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Smarty Software is launching their new campaign “Take Your Business to The Cloud” as part of their Virgin Media’s Voom entry. The campaign focuses on educating entrepreneurs about technological innovations that help them better manage their business operations, thereby saving them time and money.

Entrepreneurs must tackle every aspect of their business from accounting and finances to marketing, mainly, on their own. Managing these responsibilities can be very time consuming and overwhelming, which is where Smarty aims to help.  Smarty’s software aids in alleviating some of the burden through their innovative yet easy to use automation technology.

Research from and, reports that entrepreneurs and small business owners work, on average, around 60+ hours per week. AutoMate conducted research and found that entrepreneurs could save about 15-20 hours of work each week by incorporating automation software into their business. By automating tasks such as sending recurring invoices, payment reminders, creating email campaigns and more, entrepreneurs will have more free time in their day.

With £1 million in funding and prizes up for grabs, VOOM Pitch 2018 is an exciting opportunity for innovative businesses to showcase their ideas. And this year Smarty Software is getting involved. You can now vote for Smarty or support their crowdfunding campaign.

Smarty Software's Founder & CEO, Farhad Reyazat, expands upon the intent behind the system saying,

“We want to become the number one software solution in the UK for small businesses, and with the backing of VOOM Pitch 2018 we will be able to achieve this ambition much faster. We have already been recognised by prestigious bodies, with a nomination for CRM of the Year at the Network Computing Awards 2018 amongst other industry nods.”

While there are other automation softwares out on the market, many of these focus in specifically on one aspect of business and can be very expensive, costing hundreds of pounds a month. Smarty noticed this lack of integration and capitalised on it by designing a new platform that covers many different operations of running a business, at a low cost (averaging £50-100 a month) that small business owners and entrepreneurs can afford. 

Agnes Gradzewicz, Co-Founder & CMO, explains more about new campaign  

“When starting new ventures, managers need to be multi-skilled and capable in numerous aspects of the business as they are in charge of all the operations taking place. For someone inexperienced it can be a disaster and the business can soon begin to fail. A good manager needs to be able encourage productivity, delegate effectively and is a strategic thinker who is able to look at the ‘bigger picture’ for the business. Our new campaign highlights importance of using technology while running a business. We aim to educate business owners that this could be painless and not expensive way of improving their business operations and lead generation.”

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