Smarty Software Links With Paypal For A Faster, Smoother Invoice Experience

Smarty Software Links With Paypal For A Faster, Smoother Invoice Experience

Aug,2018 By Smarty Software Knowledge Base

Smarty Software has integrated its invoice payment platform with PayPal, the worlds leading online payment system.

This integration will transform the way SMEs, freelancers and start-ups charge and receive payment for their invoices. Using PayPal’s system, Smarty hopes to reduce its already short invoice payment times by a further 20 days on average.

PayPal is the safest and quickest way to send and receive online payments. Smarty is the simplest and most effective way to send invoices, so it makes sense that these two software’s should work together. Smarty has partnered with PayPal to further ease the process of getting paid on time, a well-known struggle for many freelancers and small businesses around the world.

So, how do you get people to pay you on time? Simply give them the correct tools to do it.

When a client or customer receives an invoice for a service they’ve used they will now be able to pay in one click, leaving no excuse for not paying almost immediately. What’s more, when they see the PayPal and Smarty logos together they will now that you proposing a legitimate transaction, stimulatingly boosting the credibility of your business and getting you paid quicker. Furthermore, PayPal being a secure payment solution for millions of global transactions every day, and being a globally recognised and trusted brand. This means you will now be able to accept payments through Smarty from any currency, from anywhere in the world. Of course, all other payment methods will still be available, but adding that trusted blue badge will certainly benefit your business practice whether your clients chose to use it or not.

Smarty Software Links With Paypal

When payments are received, Smarty will still be able to categorise, record and document them in the same way. Allowing you to easily view your transactions, cash flow or spending with as much ease as ever.

Smarty Software working together with PayPal will continue to increase the level at which small businesses,  freelancers and sole traders will be able to compete with big businesses, by staying on top of their finances and making sure payments are not being left behind and forgotten about.

There has never been a better time to start automating your admin with Smarty today. Click here to set up your about and #BeSmarty with your invoices.

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