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Can a CRM software for consultants really help you overcome your everyday business challenges?

Smarty CRM is a cloud-based customer management system, which automates your business process, keeps track of your sales opportunities progress, plans your team activities, generates new leads, organises your sales team and provides you with detailed insights on your sales performance. It allows you to simply move your sales opportunities through pipeline stages, document all communications and plan your next move at the right time. Exactly what a consultant needs!

If you have few customers and have a problem generating leads: Our CRM solution will help you with generating more leads and finding more prospects. Smarty offers a feature called web forms that allows you to design multiple customised landing pages and gather all of your leads in one place. Upon submitting each prospect to your web forms, the software will automatically send you a notification email and create a sales opportunity within your sales pipeline. From there you can create several activities like calls, emails and meetings for the purpose of converting your lead to a paid customer.
If you sometimes lose track of your deals and forget your appointments: Using Smarty you will be able to import thousands of your contacts via spreadsheets and create multiple sales activities for each of them. Each contact has its own dedicated profile page that contains its typical contact information (such as names, phone numbers and email addresses). Also, you can view a complete history of contact’s past interactions and ahead activities meaning you will have your emails conversations, call records and sales notes all wrapped up in an organised way.

Without Smarty CRM solution

  • Lack of a centralised customer database and history.
  • Losing too much time finding needed information.
  • Following up without any background knowledge.
  • Inaccurate revenue forecast
  • Inability to identify sales opportunities status.
  • Lack of ability to segment customers.
  • Unable to track the leads and their situations.
  • Inability to make a personalised contact with customers.
  • Inability to track team KPI.
  • Lack of data security and access limitation.

With Smarty CRM solution

  • Classify all of your contact information in one single place
  • Access and update contact information in real-time.
  • Document all customer interactions.
  • Have metrics on how your business is performing.
  • Keep track of your sales opportunities progress.
  • Share information with the different departments.
  • Have a clear vision both on your leads.
  • Create and develop a huge customer base and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Get a full insight on your teams’ KPI and departments’ productivity.
  • Access your data on the go with cloud technology.

Smarty is the fastest growing CRM software with unique features for consultants on the market. It will dramatically improve your marketing efforts, sales and customer relationships.
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