Self Employed

          The Smarty platform incorporates a number of super-clever programmes that help you manage your business efficiently.

We understand how challenging is to be a self-employed or a sole-trader. We are committed to providing the best all-in-one business management solution

available to the self-employed.

We want to help busy people reduce their workload so they can spend less time on everyday tasks, and focus on moving their business forward.


  •  Save lots of time and money with all-in-one business software

  • Access to your data anywhere & anytime

  • All your leads, contacts and customers in one system

  • Intelligent reporting helping you to look after all aspects of your business –marketing, and sales.

  • Automate your invoicing, payment follow up, marketing and much more

  • Create ready reports for your accountant

  • No on-boarding costs, no set-up fees

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