Managing all business aspects have never been this easy!

Smarty Software is a SaaS company based in the City of London, mainly provides cloud accounting and cloud CRM solution services. It was founded in 2013, then officially launched in 2016 and now leading small business software provider featuring brands such as Smarty Accounting and Smarty CRM. Smarty formed with entrepreneurs in mind and it aims to provide business management solutions to small businesses and start-ups by maximising business performance and minimising time-waste. Although Smarty is young, it is a multiple award-winning start-up helping hundreds of users with accounting and business management.

Accounting dashboard

What makes Smarty so unique for small business?

  • Affordable and flexible pricing plans for any business size.
  • Easy access to all information beyond time and location.
  • Secure personal and professional data organisation.
  • Next-gen sales and marketing automation solution.
  • Reach automated business reports and updates.
  • Simple data transformation process for importing and exporting.
  • Powerfully designed main and inventory dashboards.
  • Fast and easy VAT submission certified by HMRC
  • Multi-currency pricing (MCP) sales management and financial services.
  • Automatic data sharing between accounting and CRM solution platforms.

How small businesses can benefit from Smarty solutions?

  • Smarty CRM
    Customer Relationship Management

    Ultimate sales and marketing solution

    Smarty CRM is a cloud-based customer management system, which will help you automate your business process, keeps track of your sales opportunities progress, plans your team activities, generates new leads, organises your sales team and provides you with detailed insights on your sales performance. It allows you to simply move your sales opportunities through pipeline stages, document all communications and plans your next move at the right time. Smarty CRM ensures that you don’t lose track of all the tasks which are required to build and maintain a relationship with your customers and make the sales



    • Pipeline Management
    • Email Integration
    • One-click Analytics
    • Call Recording
    • Multiple Users
    • GDPR Compliance
    • Contact Detail Customisation
    • Data Importing
    • Webform Generation
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  • Smarty Accounting

    Powerful accounting and invoicing software

    Being responsible for managing finances such as invoices, expenses, cash flow, and inventory can be a lot to handle. Smarty Accounting is like having your own in-house finance team. The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimising the amount of accounting work you do. As well as taking care of your pesky paperwork, Smarty Accounting lets you export detailed financial reports with a few clicks of your mouse.



    • Submit VAT Online
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Invoicing
    • Multi-Currency
    • Online Payments
    • Bank Connections
    • Inventory
    • Reporting
    • Bank Reconciliation

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