We invite business associations, charities and foundations to join our partnership programme to share the benefits that Smarty offers. You can pass the tailor-made benefits onto your members and enhance your membership offer with interactive events.

To partner with us, please email the Partnership Team at or give us a call.

Add Benefits for Your Members

Add benefits for your members

We will create a special package that you can offer to your members for free. This is personalised to the nature of your organisation and the number of members you have.

Hosting Events

Hosting events

We can co-host events with you about marketing, CRM, small business, accounting and finance.

Account manager

Account manager

We will assign a partner manager to help you create a targeted growth strategy

Join our network

Join our network

Join our networking events, webinars and workshops provided to support your business.

Get Software for Your Business

Get software for your business

You will get access to an advanced package of Smarty Software: Accounting & CRM to use in your own business.

Add Value to your Members

Add value to your members

We can partner with you on organising competitions and tailored events to benefit your members.

How to get started

  •  Speak to our team!
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