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What does Smarty do?

The Smarty platform incorporates a number of super-clever programmes that help you manage your business efficiently. The list below explains all of the different functions of Smarty. Normally, you would need to use three or four different software programmes to do all this. However, Smarty lets you do it all on one platform, at one price -meaning lower costs, and less training required for your staff.

Manage your leads - Smarty Contacts (CRM)

Smarty’s built-in Customer Relationship Management system makes managing your contacts easy. Already got client management software? You can import contacts from excel files, business cards, PDFs, emails and more, creating a database that you can add to whenever you want. Import, edit and access detailed contact info Connect contacts to your email accounts Generate new contact data from public files Segment contact data according to products

Create winning email campaigns- Smarty Email

This powerful tool helps you convert your contact database into paying customers, with auto-running email campaigns. Send welcome emails, newsletters, special offers and more Monitor open-rates and click-through rates Create emails that can be sent to subscribers and clients automatically – even when you’re relaxing on holiday Use the Smarty Campaign tool to send out emails at pre-set interval

More about Smarty Campaign

The Smarty Campaign tool is perfect for companies who want to send a carefully structured sequence of emails out to individuals. The sequence can be set to run automatically for each new person that is added to the email marketing database. This is also known as ‘drip marketing’. Example sequence: Email 1 – A welcome email – sent automatically when the subscriber joins your email list Email 2 – ‘Top tips’ email that keeps the customer interested – sent five days later Email 3 – Special offer email - sent seven days later The sequence can continue for as long as you want it to, so you can keep engaging your email recipients without lifting a finger (or toe).

Get better-looking sales emails - Smarty Offer

Don’t know how to construct professional-looking emails? Never fear. Smarty Offer gives you a range of pre-designed email templates for when you want to send out special offers to clients. Just choose a template, fill in the details, and voila – a sexy-looking sales email.

Automate your accounting and inventory-checking - Smarty Invoice

Smarty Invoice is like having your own in-house finance team (but without the cardigans). The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimizing the amount of accounting work you do. As well as taking care of your pesky paperwork, Smarty Invoice lets you export detailed finance reports with a few clicks of your mouse. (Expect a hug from your accountant) Issue invoices with our built-in Invoice Creator Record payments end out automated reminder emails whenever a payment is not received by the ‘due date’ Send automated thank-you messages to clients Keep track of VAT and expenses Export and print detailed reports Auto-update inventory

Get an overview of business performance - Smarty Report

Want to see how well your company is doing? Smarty analyses data from different parts of your business like finance, marketing and CRM. It will then summarise your performance in simple reports that even your most hungover intern can understand. Monitor daily, weekly and monthly sales Find out which salesperson is the most effective, which client brings you the most money,and which client owes you the most money See useful figures about your database of leads, e.g how many new users are in your database or how many visited your new landing page Track the performance of your marketing campaigns – get an overview of emails sent, emails opened, links clicked, and more

Update and create your website easily - Smarty Landing Page

Creating web pages can be difficult, and many companies rely on web designers and marketing agencies to do this for them. Smarty’s sophisticated landing page tool lets you do it yourself, quickly and easily, so you don’t have to pay someone else for the work. Easy ‘drag and drop’ editing – no coding skills required Optimize performance - A/B test two different versions of the same page Integrate web pages with social media and other marketing tools you use Publish wherever and whenever you like The landing page tool can be used in conjunction with email marketing to promote a new offer, or to advertise new products and services that you are launching.

Check your SEO health - Smarty Click

If you’ve got a website, chances are you are trying to gain or maintain a top Google ranking spot. Smarty Rate assesses your SEO score, letting you know how well you’re doing, and how far away you are from your goal. Check your SEO ratings Compare your score with your competitor’s See easily understandable reports Pours you a champagne when you reach the top Google spot (just kidding, but we’re working on it)

Connect with other businesspeople - Smarty Network

As the old saying goes, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Smarty Network gives you access to thousands of other businesspeople who use Smarty, so you can share ideas, get inspiration, and attend meet-ups. Smarty Network only covers London businesses currently, but will be expanded in one of our next updates

Monitor staff performance - Smarty Boss

Got a hard-working sales team that you need to keep an eye on? Smarty helps you with that too. Never again will you spend hours poring over sales figures – our time-saving business management software collates the data into handy reports for you. Monitor staff performance See how close each employee is to their sales goal Calculate bonuses Auto-email employees their monthly performance reports

Schedule meetings - Smarty Appointments (coming July 2015)

In August 2015, we’ll update Smarty with our intelligent calendar tool, Smarty appointments. This clever scheduling system will allow you to invite clients to invite their staff and consultants to appointments. The tool will allow you to see all staff appointments on a centralised calendar. It will also send attendees a reminder so that people don’t miss meetings (unless they’re off sick, but they would have been coughing all the time anyway).

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