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What does Smarty do?

The Smarty platform incorporates a number of super-clever programmers that help you manage your business efficiently. The list below explains all of the different functions of Smarty. Normally, you would need to use three or four different software programmers to do all this. However, Smarty lets you do it all on one platform, at one price -meaning lower costs, and less training required for your staff.

Automatic add deadlines

Smarty Deadlines automatically reminds you about all the tasks and upcoming statutory deadlines of your clients. Smarty Deadlines was designed in collaboration with accountancy firm to make sure we understand the needs and struggles of accountants and bookkeepers. You can now easily track the key client deadlines such as VAT, Corporation Tax, Payroll, PAYE payments, Annual Returns, CIS Return, etc.

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accounting and inventory

The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimizing the amount of accounting work you do. Issue invoices with our built-in Invoice Creator Record payments end out automated reminder emails whenever a payment is not received by the ‘due date’ Send automated thank-you messages to clients Keep track of VAT and expenses Export and print detailed reports Auto-update inventory

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Manage your leads - Smarty Contacts (CRM)

Smarty’s built-in Customer Relationship Management system makes managing your contacts easy. Already got client management software? You can import contacts from excel files, business cards, PDFs, emails and more, creating a database that you can add to whenever you want. Import, edit and access detailed contact info Connect contacts to your email accounts Generate new contact data from public files Segment contact data according to products

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Create winning email campaigns- Smarty Email

This powerful tool helps you convert your contact database into paying customers, with auto-running email campaigns. Send welcome emails, newsletters, special offers and more Monitor open-rates and click-through rates Create emails that can be sent to subscribers and clients automatically – even when you’re relaxing on holiday Use the Smarty Campaign tool to send out emails at pre-set interval

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Smarty Landing Page

Creating web pages can be difficult, and many companies rely on web designers and marketing agencies to do this for them. Smarty’s sophisticated landing page tool lets you do it yourself, quickly and easily, so you don’t have to pay someone else for the work. Easy ‘drag and drop’ editing – no coding skills required Optimize performance - A/B test two different versions of the same page Integrate web pages with social media and other marketing tools you use Publish wherever and whenever you like The landing page tool can be used in conjunction with email marketing to promote a new offer, or to advertise new products and services that you are launching.

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