Create winning email campaigns

This powerful tool helps you convert your contact database into paying customers, with auto-running email campaigns. Send welcome emails, newsletters, special offers and more; monitor open-rates and click-through rates; create emails that can be sent to subscribers and clients automatically--even when you’re relaxing on holiday, use the Smarty Email tool to send out emails at pre-set intervals

The Smarty Email tool is perfect for companies who want to send a carefully structured sequence of emails out to individuals. The sequence can be set to run automatically for each new person that is added to the email marketing database. This is also known as ‘drip marketing’.

Example sequence:

✉️ Email 1 – A welcome email – sent automatically when the subscriber joins your email list.

✉️ Email 2 – ‘Top tips’ email that keeps the customer interested – sent five days later.

✉️ Email 3 – Special offer email - sent seven days later. The sequence can continue for as long as you want it to, so you can keep engaging your email recipients without lifting a finger (or toe).

Email integrated with your CRM

Email integrated with your CRM

There are many email providers on the market, but not many offer build-in CRM system. Smarty offers this unique feature ensuring that your business seamlessly run between sales and marketing. You don’t have to worry about forgotten contacts, lost leads or uncontacted customers.

Campaign ROI


You can send direct emails to each of your prospects and clients from the Lead Profile. This function enables you to keep track of all outbound email communications you have with the client.

Campaign Contribution

Email Campaigns & Newsletters

Send out promotional email campaigns to your database. You can set up a campaign that sends out updates as frequently as you desire.  This way your customers are constantly in the loop of what is going on with your business. Further, reaching your customers through email is a way to reach them directly.  Nowadays, most people have access to their email accounts on almost every device they use, which means that they will get that notification of your email wherever they might be.



Autoresponders & Onboarding Emails

You can send out now automated sequence of emails called autoresponders or drip marketing. Autoresponders are part of the innovative email feature. Now you can easily set-up email series for prospects, improve your on-boarding experience for new clients or keep in touch with current customers.

Set up to five emails in one sequence and unlimited sequences meaning you can communicate with your clients constantly, without any effort!

Design your emails

Our email templates and easy drag & drop feature will ensure you can easily create emails, newsletters, and templates. Our system will also let you import your pre-designed HTML emails. The design includes features such as inbox preview, personalized emails, mobile version etc.

Personalize Your Emails

You can include user attributes such as “First Name”, “Surname” or ‘’Company’’ in your emails to make them look more personal.

Filter by Previous Campaigns

to everyone that did not open the previous email or email the unique feature will let you send follow up email campaign based on the previous reaction to your email. For instance, you can resend send a new email to everyone that clicked on your content.


Smarty let you also send an attachment! This feature is not offered by industry leaders, but ensure you can send your company brochure, contracts or additional information in bulk to your followers. Easy!

Email Delivery

Check your email delivery reports, find out who visited your email, who unsubscribed etc. As everything is connected with CRM you can see all individual reactions in the Lead Profile. This can help your sales team with follow ups or upsell.

Advanced Data Segmentation

Segment your data by sending emails to your clients; prospects; people who joined your database in particular time frame; people that did not buy from you within particular timeframe. Segment data also by lead source, product owner, industry, job title, country etc. This is particularly useful if you plan a promotional campaign are would like to send out very tailor made content to your database.

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