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Smarty Is Helping You Turn Your Leads Into Paying Customers 


CRM simply means customer relationship management. While this may sound intimidating and overwhelming, all CRM entails is maintaining relationships with all your customers. This may range from creating a new customer relationship to deepening your relationships with current customers. 

Smarty’s built-in Customer Relationship Management system makes managing your contacts easy. 

You can import contacts from excel files, text file, and email, creating a database that you can add to whenever you want.
Automation is designed to help make managing and organizing all your clients easier.  Not only can you import all your leads and customer information to one database, you are also able to segment them based on their personal interests. This way you can specialize the information you send them, to target their specific interests.  

•    Import, edit and access detailed contact info
•    Send personalized emails or email campaigns 
•    Segment contact data according to products, lead source or sales opportunity





Contact Management


In Smarty’s CRM system within each of your customers’ profiles, you can monitor which products or services they use most, how much they’re buying and how frequently, monitor all your appointments with them, and so much more.

Smarty also allows you to easily edit and update any of their profiles at any time, or add notes and reminders for your own personal use.  By having all this information organized for you, you can manage and retain these crucial relationships more efficiently than on your own.


Call & Call Recording

Now you can place calls in Smarty directly from your browser without even picking up a phone. Just one click connects you to a prospect through Voice Over IP. Your calls will always come from your number, and an option to record each call gives you reliable records of your conversations.

This feature will help you monitor your customer service and sale staff performance and ensure they provide highest quality service to your clients.

This feature allows you to organize and manage sales, control the quality of their calls, reduce costs, integrate and automate telesales campaigns. Smarty will also let you easily combine your call strategy with autoresponders, built-in landing pages, email marketing, drip campaigns and more.

Activity & Notes

A build in activity recorder will let you schedule a phone call, meeting, an email or any other event. This will ensure that you and your team always stay well organized. Activity feature will help you close your sales deals, stay on the top of all the tasks but also help to provide a quality customer service.In the notes section, you can record any notes about your client, their history with you and all the interactions. This is useful for building along term relationship with your prospects and clients, ensuring an easy way to convert prospects into paying clients but also upsell to current customers.

Sales Opportunity

Sales opportunity In the sales opportunity, you can record a value of the deal. This will help you track the progress of your sales team and how much money you have in the pipeline.

Lead type

This feature let you effectively categorize leads into hot, warm, cold, lost ensuring no missed opportunities in your pipeline. Lead type is also automatically assigned depending on your lead activity. For instance, if your lead is coming from your landing page, interact with your email it will have the higher score from the lead that was randomly imported to your database. Easy! 


Our CRM is interconnected with Invoice & Accounting suite which lets you monitor in real time how much money each contact owe you, or how much they have bought from you to date. This feature makes it easier for your team to communicate, provide customer service or upsell product and services. 


Autoresponders are part of the innovative email feature. Now you can easily set-up email series for prospects, improve your on boarding experience for new clients or keep in touch with current customers.

Calendar integration

All events and activities are integrated with your calendar, which means you will never miss any phone call, email or follow up with the client. The calendar can be also connected to your Google calendar and easily accessible from your phone.

Monitor your employees

You can monitor your employees from marketing, sales or customer service team. See who is performing best, who has most missed deadlines, who is converting leads most efficiently. This data can help you grow your business, reward your staff and ensuring there are no leads in your pipeline.



Reports & Funnels


You can create advance reports about your clients, prospects, beast lead sources, and a lot of information about your database. This information can help you understand better your clients, your best-performing products, and most effective marketing channels.


What’s next?


Login into your Smarty account, import your data and start building up your client relations.  If you need any assistance in making sure your CRM database is set up to its fullest potential, please schedule a training session with us! We are more than happy to help jumpstart your process. 


If you don’t have your account with Smarty yet you can book your free demo here or start a free trial here.