Support & Training


Support & Training


Although Smarty is designed to be user-friendly, we understand that you may still need help when you’re trying something new. We provide the free training resources below to help you make the most of Smarty.


We organise weekly workshops, held during the week and on weekends, to teach you how to use the Smarty business software. Check our schedule or email us for details of workshops


If you are too busy to attend a workshop, or you just want to get to know more about the best ways to use Smarty, watch one of our live webinars or podcasts.

Knowledge Centre

You can find broad resources in our knowledge centre, detailing the best practices and applications for using Smarty.

In-house training

For London-based companies, we can also arrange in-house training for you and your staff. Please contact us for more information.

Smarty Party

Want to meet some like-minded Smart users? As lovers of small businesses, we organise regular networking events and small parties to keep our customers and friends entertained!

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