Promotional Campaigns

Email and promotional campaigns are arguably the most important tools that businesses use to stay in contact and communicate with their current and potential customers. While your business does not want to come across as spam-y towards customers, it is important to keep up communications.

Email campaigns can be effective in multiple ways. First, they can be an easy way to be in casual communication with your customer. You can set up a campaign that sends out updates as frequently as you desire. This way your customers are in the loop of what is going on. Further, reaching your customers through email is a way to reach them directly. Nowadays, most people have access to their email accounts on almost every device, which means that they will get that notification of your email wherever they might be.

Tools to try:

  • Smarty Contacts

    Smarty Contacts

    Smarty Contacts can be a great starting point in creating your promotional campaigns. You are able to segment your contacts based on the products or services they buy or are interested in. This means you can create content specifically for them, to better engage with them.

  • Smarty Email

    Smarty Email

    Smarty Email is easy to use and helpful for sending out any emails you want. For example, you might have a monthly or quarterly newsletter type of email you would like to send to your customers.  You can easily create these by either choosing from an existing template or creating your own, then add your personalised content.  No hassle and no fuss, just beautiful emails to reach your customers.

  • Smarty Campaign

    Smarty Campaign

     Drip campaigns can be rather confusing at first, but Smarty helps to simplify the process of both creating and maintaining a drip campaign. The first email you send may just be a welcome email, the second featuring a few products, the third a promotional offer and the final a thank-you for buying! By using this type of drip campaign, you can engage with casual contacts to turn them into happy customers.  

  • Reports for Smarty Email and Campaign

    Reports for Smarty Email and Campaign

    To keep updated on email engagement levels, by checking out the reports feature of  the email . These reports will give you an insight into who has opened your emails and engaged with the links you have provided and more. Having this information is useful as you create new content to be sent out, you can see which of your past campaigns have been successful and which types have not. Further, if you sent out a landing page with a data capture form, you can view the demographics of who is most engaged with your company.


Your turn to try it:

-  Set up a newsletter that keeps people updated with new products or services you’re introducing, background about yourself and your company, or any new hires, etc. 

-  Offer something educational about your industry to establish yourself as a source of knowledge and insight, rather than just a general service or brand.

-  Promos—discounts, sales, freebies, etc. (everyone loves a good sale)! Get people excited and wanting to purchase something new.

- Helpful tips and hints about creative ways to use your products, or what makes you unique from your competitors. Make you and your company standout from the crowd.

Fan favourite:

“Super easy to navigate! From setting times and dates, to creating emails using the templates, campaigns are not so stressful anymore.”

How it all connects:


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