CRM: Customer Relationship Management

CRM, or customer relationship management, may sound intimidating, however it is rather simple. All CRM entails is establishing and maintaining relationships with all your customers (still sounds daunting? That’s ok, it will get easier).

In order to build any relationship with your clients you need to first get basic information about them and their interests to be able to understand what types of products and services they may be interested in. By having knowledge of their interests you can better target said interests in the communications you send out, thereby engaging more with them.

But how does automation software fit into all of this? Well, Smarty’s CRM system is designed to help make managing and organising all your clients easier.


Your turn to try it:

- To transform a lead into a paying customer and in turn into a loyal customer may take some time and will definitely require some effort. To entice a lead to make a purchase you may send out your welcome, drip campaign with a promotional offer of a percentage off their purchase.  Once you get that lead to become a customer, you should keep up with that relationship. Take notice of which products or services they buy, and send more information about those.  Further, suggest other products that are comparable to those they have shown interest in to try expanding their interests.  Then, if they become a more frequent buyer, try sending out some reward incentives, such as referring a friend for a percentage off their next purchase or a discount on the next purchase of £xxx. Show you appreciate their customer loyalty to help make them feel valued.

Fan favourite:

“CRM is the basis for an enhanced customer experience. Smarty CRM gives me and my team all the information we need to understand the customer’s position in the sales process to make the most out of sales opportunities.”

How it all connects: