Accountancy & Invoicing Software  For Your Small Business

Smarty Accounting is like having your own in-house finance team (but without the cardigans). The system can monitor your bank account and remind clients about overdue payments, minimizing the amount of accounting work you do. As well as taking care of your pesky paperwork, Smarty Accounting lets you export detailed financial reports with a few clicks of your mouse. (Expect a hug from your accountant)

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Setting up and sending invoices with Smarty is simple. Once you have a customer in your CRM database, integrate them into your customer list to send them an invoice.

If they becoming a regular customer, then you can easily set up a recurring invoice to be sent to them at whichever time interval they require. It is also easy to chase payments and send thank you notes.
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Sales & Quotations

With the sales page, you are able to track and monitor your current sales and review your sales history. The easy to read graphs make these reports understandable for everyone.

So, you can all see which months you sell the best and maybe create more promotions for the months you could use some help in.

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By monitoring your bills you can find which areas of your business could be causing you problems (aka. where the money leaks are). You can view reports that reveal which clients, staff members, etc. are costing you the most money.

You can also generate comprehensive reports for your shareholders and accountant.

The meeting of developers of cross-platform apps


The main dashboard gives you a quick look at current sales totals, overdue payments, and lots of different reports.

This is useful to use when you are on the go and maybe need to grab a quick stat or to simply check in.

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The reports section of Smarty Accounting is expansive. You can find reports on payments, invoice details, VAT, bills and sales by item or customer and much more. You can also submit financial reports directly to HMRC. 

These reports are very helpful in deciphering which areas of your business might need some tidying up. They allow you to see where you can improve, which products are selling the best/worst, who your best (and most costly) customer and staff members are, what your highest expenses are, etc.
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Connect with Your Bank

You can now connect Smarty directly with your current or business bank account. Smarty will automatically sync all your transaction on weekly basis, letting you follow-up or record payments way quicker. 

For micro-businesses this will help track their finances on weekly basis, making the life of the bookkeeper and business owner way easier!

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    Submit VAT

    Smarty is an authorised software by HM Revenue & Customs (you can check it here) which means you can submit all sort of reports directly from Smarty to HMRC. One of the most popular reports is quarterly VAT submission.

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    Automate Your Business

    Smarty has been designed with entrepreneurs in mind. It combines interface invoicing, email marketing automation, web design, data reporting, CRM, appointment setting, and much more. So if you choose to use additional features, no other programme of this power and flexibility is available at this price range.

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    Sync Bank Accounts

    You can now connect all your bank accounts to Smarty Software. That means you can monitor your transactions without the need of log-in into multiple banks. This tool helps you reconcile your transactions, confirm payments, send thank you notes and chase outstanding payments. 

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    It is in the Cloud

    Smarty is a stand-alone programme in the cloud, so you will not have to install anything else. You will be able to access to software from anywhere with access to Internet. This is a perfect solution so you can monitor your business from anywhere even sipping martinis on your holidays (not that we recommend).

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    Collaborate with Your Accountant

    Collaboration with your accountant or bookkeeper is very easy. Together you can see the same sets of accounts on the screen at the same time different locations. They will have their own login details, so you don't have to share your password. 

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    All of our servers are encrypted and protected by professional online security systems. We are also investing in latest technologies to make sure data and all information are safe with us. We also create a daily back-ups of your data, for your extra comfort and peace of mind.

Case Study

Learn how Ewa Dudek, Operations Director at B&F Services is using Smarty Accountancy suite. B&F Services offers a wide range of entrepreneurial services under one roof to corporate clients and small businesses since 2005. Over the last decade they have launched more than 3000 companies and have helped numerous entrepreneurs to establish and develop their businesses across Europe and in particular in UK.


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